Cheers Heaven

The dorama opens in 2001.

The Golden Bears.


Cheerleading competition.

There's breaks to other girls talking.

The team won. The girl holding the cup seems to be the lynch pin of the team.

The team started 12 years previously.

Hosaka, the team captain.

The team gets invited to something where seniors and juniors can both perform. The seniors do well, but the juniors don't.

The seniors are angry at the juniors.


The movie then goes back to 2000 and students choosing activities.

The movie goes on to show how this one girl, Mikko, in particular, developed her abilities.

She ends up being appointed team captain. The coach is unsure she's fit for the job, and one girl on the team seems bitterly disappointed.

The girl everyone looked up to is killed in a car accident.

A farewell ceremony they had for her previously.

Her picture. Mikko has the hardest time of all handling her death.

They need a minimum number of freshmen in order to be able to use the gym, and they barely have enough.

The angry girl confronts Mikko.

With things on the team falling apart, Mikko wants to give the freshmen a chance to perform on stage and thus get their interest up. The whole thing ends up a disaster.

Mikko has decided to quit cheerleading, but Touko's mother asks to talk to her.

Mikko explains how she feels about Touko and what she had done for the team.

After showing her feelings straight out to the other members, they all talk about Touko and end up going to her memorial and basically re-dedicate themselves to being good cheerleaders. Things change, and freshmen rejoin.

The competition is soon, but things aren't going well.

The preliminary competition is a disaster.

They are finally able to work things out mentally and enter the final round of the competition.

They are able to do the move they had never managed to do successfully and they win the competition.

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