Some guy kills a woman.

The scientist that reconstructs skulls.

The guy wants to quit but his superior says the police need faces of four skulls quickly.

His daughter had a heart transplant and is still in the hospital.

Someone else who studied facial reconstruction.

His daughter's name is Jin. The doctors have dismissed her from the hospital and say she should be fine. She sees a strange woman by the side of the road.

He's driving back home, leaving Jin at her grandmother's (her mother is dead.) He hears strange sounds on the radio and Jin sees a Sadako-like woman outside her room.

There's a variety of strange things going on in his house, not all of which he even notices, but the Sadako-like woman seems to be there, too.

Lee, the scientist, answers his door and there's a woman with a box. She's brought a skull for him to work on even though he had told the boss guy he was quitting.

A detective is talking to some other scientist/morgue worker/something about the killer's methods. Then there's scenes of a doctor performing another transplant and something strange in some kind of booth he passes through when he's done.

Jung come by the next day to help him but he tells her he hasn't touched the skull and she's to take it back, but when they get to his workroom the skull is out of the box.

The detectives have been doing some checking on the victims.

It's now nighttime. He apparently still refused to work on the skull, though it's still in his workroom. The box it's in makes noises and opens by itself. He looks in and sees a partial Sadako-like face, then later finds blood on the floor of a different room. Then a strange form appears in the room.

He talks to a doctor about what he saw and heard.

He finally realizes that, whoever's skull it is, that woman wants him to reconstruct her face.

The detective is still working on the case from his end, and Lee and Jung are working together on the skull (even though he wanted to work alone. Jung can be sort of pushy.)

They are still working on the skull. Simulated muscle tissue is being applied after some other things have been done. Jung makes some mistakes, though, and Lee chastises her and explains what she's done wrong.

He offers to let her work on the skull.

He gets a call and rushes out. Jin is back in the hospital, very ill.

He keeps trying to find out who donated the heart but the doctor keeps sidetracking him and refusing to give him a direct answer.

Jung shows up at the hospital.

He changes hospitals and doctors and the new doctor says he should be able to get the records to show who the donor was. He gets a name, but it turns out the record is a fake.

It's looking like the original heart transplant doctor is some kind of crook, directly or indirectly.

He finishes the skull and sends the police the results. Unfortunately it doesn't turn out to be the donor for his daughter since the person they are able to identify died some years before.

They find the doctor, an apparent suicide, but it turns out he was dead before he was hung.

Lee and Jung spend a day together after the work with the skull.

Something rather complicated happens, including the noises from before and other stuff.

He follows the truck and ends up in the place he dreamed about the previous night.

He finds a skull in the same place he had dreamt he found the face of a woman.

The two of them work on restoring the latest skull. Meanwhile, the police are following some leads they found.

She meets with a member of the scuba club she belongs to. He later asks her something about what she would do if someone said they needed her help.

The skull turns out to be Jung's.

Lee calls the police and they tell him the victims have all been members of various clubs, and that the police never hired a researcher to help Lee.

He talks to Jung's mother and finds out Jung has been missing for a year.

Lee is able to figure out where to go but when he gets there he's hit and the killer has him tied to his operating table.

The killer explains why he has done what he has done. Lee gets loose and they fight.

The killer knocks Lee unconscious, but he sees the face of a woman and then the police appear and open fire.

Jung had left a message for him. His daughter ends up nice and healthy.

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