The program is about Geisha.

She was the woman at the top from 1965 to 1984. Her name was Mineko.

They start out in 1965.

Originally she had a different name.

A woman had decided to make Masako/Mineko her successor.

Masako was four when she started training.

This is interspersed with scenes of her being dressed in 1965.

The one in red hates Mineko.

When she is ten they give her a choice of returning to her home or staying and continuing her training.

Mineko at fifteen.

This is the one that hates Mineko.

A guy is doing her portrait. The other woman is the number 1 geisha of another house.

The one that hates her embarrasses her and kicks her.

She learned many things.

Inter-house difficulties.

They end up getting into a fight. It's revealed that the hate-filled one is Mineko's sister.

Mineko is given some good advice.

Mineko is attacked by Saeko's son. She then tries to take money from the house's till, and Mineko steps in to stop her.

Minkeo tells Saeko to leave, permanently.

She has turned 21.

Ayako, the woman that had helped Mineko so much, commits suicide after being rejected by her lover.

The star Mineko likes grabs her and pulls her into a room, and it reminds her of what Saeko's son tried to do to her. He tells her he loves her. The problem is he's already married. He agrees to call Mineko to a party every day for three years if she will become his love.

He sees her every day for three years, but she still says she can't leave.

She enters a room and a guy grabs her and tries to mount her like a horse. It turns out he lost a bet and was to scare the first person that came into the room. She goes to the kitchen and gets a knife.

Her hearts gone out of what she is doing. Some places are complaining, and some lines used by her sister earlier in the film are repeated.


She comes to see her would-be lover at a shooting location. She bows, then turns and leaves.

She's a survivor and keeps going in her work.

She retired at the age of 29.

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