Jungle Fish

This Korean drama is based on an actual incident at Gimpo Foreign Language High School. In 2005, answers to questions on its entrance exam, and exams for two other schools, were leaked to a cram school and thence on to some students. It seems that some parents were involved as well as the teacher who leaked the answers.

It became a whistle-blower incident when a 15-year-old student named Lee left a message on the net which ended up having her arrested by police who tried to charge her with slander.

Various other students backed up her story, though, they dropped the charge against Lee.

This drama is a one-off drama, about an hour long, and is sort of like a documentary with reproductions of what actually happened.

Exams start.

Some students are talking about the exam. They had seen it the previous day.

Jaeta rides his bicycle really fast (and without a helmet.) He has his own blog, and likes to take pictures.

A student rushes into the room with news.

Jaeta writes more in his blog.

He says things aren't going well at the school.

A girl writes an on-line response to Jaeta's blog.

A flashback to when some of the students were given the questions in advance.

The girl doesn't want to go to the tutor's class. She and her mother have quite an argument about it. (I think this is supposed to be a flashback.)

The class president is talking to Jaeta. Apparently, as in Japanese schools, students in at least some Korean schools are required to do the cleaning.

The two do video interviews, but run into a number of students who refuse to talk, including one that had been a friend of Jaeta.

Jaeta talks to a slightly older friend of his who makes movies.

The girl who had replied to the blog.

Another session with the tutor (although this one seems to be during the day at the school).

The guy announces that it is going to be the last study session for a while, and then a bunch of adults come into the room.v

The students involved say that an investigation is going to be launched.

The group is getting divided against itself.

The same two guys from earlier have more news to announce.

Jaeta and the class president do more interviews.

They are examining a picture Jaeta took earlier, and realize the class teacher and a small group of students are together. The students are ones that are involved in the cheating.

He's gone to his uncle (the movie producer) for advice.

Jaeta openly confronts his friend about the cheating.

The girl (Eunsu) from earlier tells her friend about the cheating. She says their parents and teachers made them do that. Her friend hangs up on her.

The two guys who love to run into a room and announce news hit again.

Jaeta reads the student's posting who says she plans to kill herself in two days.

The two news guys are sitting on the railing high up. (Why, I have no idea. I don't think the movie needed this bit added. It should have been deleted, since it just didn't fit; for example, nothing was done to the two; they're still in the film shortly after; in reality, their parents would have been notified and they would have been sent for psychiatric examination.)

Jaeta is trying to get the name out of his ex-friend.

Jaeta and the class president are doing some good investigative work of their own. They have a picture the girl took, and Jaeta is trying to find the room it was taken from, hoping to get closer to identifying the actual girl who plans to kill herself.

Eunsu was getting ready to jump, but they and her friend find her.

It wasn't Eunsu that wrote the note; it was another girl involved in the cheating.

His former friend and the other girl are now threatening to jump.

A couple of teachers arrive. The class president runs towards the two, trying to stop them, but they both jump.

Fortunately, they didn't jump all the way to the ground, but onto another room, with both surviving.

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