Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales, Volume 3


Ghost House

The story opens with manga drawings. It's about a couple that bought the house of the woman's dreams, but the husband later turns to alcohol and runs off with another woman (due to pressure from house payments, apparently.) The wife teaches piano but is killed two years later in an auto accident.

The woman seems to know the woman in the story, Asami. She's Asami's mother. The parents wanted Asami to return to live with them and not continue to wait for her husband to return (after running off with another woman). He had an argument with her and that was the last time he ever saw her.

He goes to the haunted house to see his daughter.

He finds a way to get into the empty house.

He's visualizing the layout of the house.

He remembers some things from the past. A short time later he sees a shadow enter the closet.

Something happens in the closet and he ducks out of the room, then comes back in.

He keeps hearing a voice but when he calls out it doesn't answer.

He finds what was her wedding ring and sees an image when he picks it up.

He hears noises downstairs, descends the stairs and sees a light on in a room and a shadow, but the door closes in his face.

He hears footsteps and a male voice and realizes someone else is there.

Something appears in a closet.

He opens the closet door and looks inside, seeing the floorboards rattling and light underneath them.

He finds someone buried under the closet floor. He falls outside the closet and something attacks him.

He sees what happened in the past. The husband hit Asami, took off his wedding ring and threw it on the floor. She took a knife and attacked him.

The hand is sticking up out of the floor.

In a another room he sees her reflected image.

He then sees her entire image.

He tells her he'll buy the house and seal the evil ghost away forever.

He apologizes for not being to help her. He wants them all to live in the house together.

Asami is there.

A really good story, going in a different direction from where you think it is going to go at the beginning.

Whisper Tree

A TV writer wants to do a show about something called the “whisper tree” which is in his own hometown.

He explains about the whisper tree.

Some woman joins him at the bar. She knows someone named Yukiko that he dated, and says he ruined her life. The bartender says it's the first time the woman ever came in that bar and he doesn't even recall seeing her enter the bar.

A worker at the station tells him that the medium says a ghost is following him, and that it's extremely vicious. In addition, the medium says the guy should get out of the town now.

Yukiko, as he has flashes of the past.

He gets to the tree.

He and Yukiko first had sex in the cave-like area at the bottom of the tree. He wasn't very nice to her, though. He said she smelled like fish; her mother works in a fish market (and they apparently lived there).

His feelings for her “faded” and he trashed her verbally.

He definitely was not a nice young man, to put it mildly. (The story itself is taking place 15 years later).

A little time has passed. He's called the other guy from the office to come there and in the meantime gotten a painting from Yukiko's home.

He has found out that Yukiko killed herself.

Apparently the guy also liked Yukiko and was jealous of the writer.

They start hearing voices.

Apparently, after the one guy (the writer) had sex with Yukiko, the other guy (the assistant(?) raped her.

The assistant is seriously freaking out and sees Yukiko there.

The writer sees her too. He asks her to forgive him. (The other guy has run off by this time.)

She hugs him.

He sees her on the bus as he's leaving the town.

He finally realizes something.

World of Infinity

A guy quit his job six months previously. He also has a weak heart.

He hasn't really been looking for work although that's what he's been telling his wife.

A woman he meets.

Only his wife was home at that time (he called her on his cell phone to check.)

He's driving along at night and sees something in front of the car.

Suddenly he seems to run over someone. He stops the car and gets out. The woman rises and at first part of her face is bloody, but then it's suddenly all right.

She says something about having a frail body and then falls against him.

She walks away.

At home his wife isn't overly concerned about his being out of a job, at least for right now.

He describes his wife (who's somewhat of a clutz).

He's not nice to his wife at all.

She shows up at a restaurant he goes to a lot. (And he has some very serious issues from what we see there.)

What's somewhat confusing (at least at the moment), is that she talks to him and the next scene is him getting home with no shots of how he reacted to what he said. He gets home and continues to be nasty to his wife.

He talks to the woman again (and keeps trashing his wife while he does.)

She tells him she's his wife's younger sister.

There go to her house (I don't think it's just an apartment). She has almost no furniture and used to work translating books. The phone is disconnected and the refrigerator is empty.

He has flashbacks of some kind and it looks like he's being put on a stretcher at the scene of a car accident (the one from earlier?)

He sees the woman, this time covered in blood.

Yet an instant later he sees the woman and she's fine.

She grabs on to him.

He asks his wife (who's busy watching a stag beetle larva not do anything) if she has any siblings and she says no.

He tells her that he believes death is the end of everything, period.

Some days later he returns to the woman's house.

They have sex.

She stabs him. It turns out to be a dream, though.

His wife now tells him that she had a younger sister. She killed herself by throwing herself in front of a car.

Her description is fitting the mystery woman perfectly. Apparently her younger sister hated her.

He has a car accident.

He seems to come back to life. Just in time to find out he's being cremated (with some of the worst/cheapest special effects possible).

This is the strangest and bloodiest of the three stories on this disk. It's also the weakest of the three stories. It's also the type of movie where you don't really care for the main character. He's just not a very nice person at all, totally unsympathetic. His wife is too weird to be believable. It's just not a good story, especially compared to the other two.

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