Whispering Corridors

This is a good movie about alienation from fellow classmates and how that can result in someone turning into a vengeful ghost.

A teacher (Mrs. Park)seems upset and nervous as she goes through one of her record books.

She looks at a couple of yearbooks and makes a call, saying a Jin-ju is still at the school. The problem with that is that the girl is supposed to be dead. Moments later it's the teacher who is dead.

In an empty classroom the guy closes a window but it opens again as soon as he leaves. A chair moves and we see blood dripping onto a student's desk.

Outside the school a girl is waiting for another girl to show up. It's obvious she has a crush on the other girl.

Jae-yi is the one on the right; Ji-oh the one on the left.

Jung-sook, an extremely quiet and unpopular girl.

The girls are supposed to be cleaning the classroom. One goes outside to get water and she sees the teacher hanging from the overpass.

The school's response? To tell the students not to talk about the incident.

Eun-young, who used to go to that school as a student.

Jin-ju in the past, giving a young Eun-young, who was her friend, a gift.

The teacher is not nice; he gets “up close and personal” with one of the girls. He's also not above hitting or slapping students.

Something called “calling the spirits” which seems to be a form of automatic writing.

The teacher hits Ji-oh with an eraser.

This is a form of class discipline where he makes all the girls get on their desks and raise their arms and keep them up.

The girl is being really nasty to Jae-yi, the girl who likes Ji-oh. Ji-oh rescues her.

Ji-oh in art class working on a picture that gets her in a lot of trouble.

The painting.

Eun-young is sitting in the class she was in when she was a student and is recalling the past.

The male teacher talks to Eun-young about her friend in high school.

Jin-Ju supposedly killed herself in the old art room which is no longer used.

The teacher finds the painting Ji-oh had done and really goes off on her.

He slaps her hard enough she falls; he then destroys the painting and calls her a degenerate. He really lays into her physically.

Ji-oh thinks she will have to give up painting, but Jae-yi knows a place; the abandoned section.

Ji-oh gets to he room but another girl is already there smoking. This is the room that Jin-ju died in.

What neither girl notices are the missing yearbooks on the floor.

Eun-young tells the art teacher that she was in art club when she was in high school and sculpted her friend's (Jin-ju's) face.

The teacher balls out Jung-sook, the quiet girl.

Ji-oh has set up the room.

The nasty teacher is on patrol. He falls down the stairs (or is pushed) and hurts his leg.

He's attacked and killed.

Jung-sook is late for class, a very unusual thing for her.

Ji-oh is worried she might have been possessed and been the one to kill the male teacher.

Jung-sook starts tearing up her book for no apparent reason. The teacher yells at her and then hits her, giving her a bloody lip.

The yearbooks are discovered.

A confrontation in the store room. Eun-young, meanwhile, remembers her time in the school and how Mrs. Park (the female teacher from the start of the film) was a sadist and wanted her not to have anything to do with Jin-ju, threatening to expel Jni-ju. Eun-young, afraid of that and being ostracized by the other girls, apparently had nothing else to do with Jin-ju.

Eun-young remembers how she showed the sculpted head to Jin-ju and then enters the room where Ji-oh is painting.

After Eun-young leaves, Ji-oh discovers a board pulled up from the floor. She looks closer and finds a sculpted face.

A scream sounds through the night and Eun-young finds out that Jung-sook has killed herself.

Ji-oh apparently has abilities in psychometry, the ability to “read” objects and tell what happened to them. By doing this (probably accidentally) she finds out that Jin-ju did not kill herself; she had tripped over something and caused lots of things to fall in the room. She tried to protect the sculpture of her face that Eun-young had made, but a knife falls from a shelf and kills her.

Ji-oh finds that's not the only thing under the floorboards. She finds the body of the male teacher who was killed.

Jae-yi collects Jung-sook's things.

Eun-young finds out that the girl now known as Jae-yi has been in two other yearbooks under two different names a few years apart. Apparently she has entered the school (somehow) as a student at least twice.

Ji-oh is putting everything together.

The beginning of the final confrontation as Jin-ju confronts Eun-young.

Ji-oh sees the yearbooks and finishes putting all the pieces together.

The confrontation continues in the classroom. Jin-ju explains that she needed a friend who really understood and cared about her. They are communicating on two levels. Jin-ju thinks Eun-young will become a typical teacher (and thus not care about her kids), and Eun-young is saying what happened to Jin-ju (in reference to the way she was treated by Mrs. Park) will never happen again, with Jin-ju saying it will and Eun-young can't stop that type of think from happening.

Ji-oh arrives.

She threatens to kill herself if Jin-ju doesn't stop what she's been doing. (There's some excellent dialogue at this point in the movie.)

Jin-ju vanishes forever.

The next morning a student arrives, looks in and sees the two, and then leaves.

The student walks down the hall. She turns around and we see she's Jung-sook.

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