The Locker


The story concerns a small storage around which a legend has arisen that people putting a gift in it can give the gift to the person whose affections they want. What they don't count on is a vengeful ghost spirit that kills anyone actually using the locker.

It's a decent movie with scary moments and a plot that's fairly acceptable. Better than some of the horror films I've seen lately.


Some young people are out at night and telling scary stories.

While one girl is getting the group some more beer she hears something.

There's a statue nearby. The others don't believe the girl when she said she heard a baby crying.

The next day they get back and retrieve their textbooks.

The legend is explained.

The girls find that there is some kind of dirt on their purses.

One of the guys hears a strange sound.

One of the girls is tutoring another girl but she's not really trying to pay attention. She later sees what appears to be a child's hand on the other girl's hand, but then the child's hand disappears.

Later that night as she's walking the girl hears a child's cry. She's also unable to get hold of her friend Ai on the telephone (she was one of the girls on the trip.)

It turns out one of the guys can't be reached, either.

She finds the guy but he seems to die while she's watching.

The police say the guy died from shock. The girl, Ai, is still missing.

The girl hears the child's cry again later after meeting with her friends. She also thinks she sees the missing Ai for a moment.

Rieka and the other girl go shopping.

Yuna, the other girl, disappears while trying on clothes and all that Reika sees is something moving under a dirty something or other.

Hair grows out of the thing under the whatever.

One of the guys is freaking out. The guy also admits he broke the head off the guardian statue.

The remaining three begin to think they might be cursed.

They go back to the camp site and replace the statue's head, gluing it in place. They also pray before the statue.

One guy's head stops bobbing up and down and Reika sees hands moving his head in a reflection in the window. He's killed.

Elsewhere, one of the girls appears to be drunk and some guy “helps” her, figuring he'll get her in a love hotel.

She opens one of the lockers and indicates to him he should look inside. (She hasn't made a sound the entire time.)

Ai has been found, but she's in some kind of disturbed state.

The doctor says they had a similar case, but the person is now dead. It's the same person who looked into the locker. (And there's an incredibly annoying bit of camera work here as it goes back and forth during the conversation. You feel like you're watching a tennis match.)

The tutored girl's mother died during childbirth and her father blames her.

Ai has killed herself by hanging herself.

Later at the hospital they see the crawling whatever.

She thinks that an unwanted baby was discarded in the locker that they later used.

They go to check out the locker.

Hair starts to come out of the locker.

The guy closes the door then locks the locker, but it ends up bursting open and a girl crawls out.

The girl crawls towards then and Rieka sees what happened to the mother. When she comes out of the vision she sees the guy being pulled into the locker.

Then she sees the girl again, this time outside the locker.

Reika tells the girl that no baby is born unwanted and she holds her.

She ends up in the hospital. The girl she has been tutoring turns up and Reika gives her the key to the locker, even though she seems unconscious.

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