The Locker, 2


A direct continuation of The Locker, with more things happening concerning locker 0009 and it's inhabitant. More strange deaths, and not just of teen-agers, this time. The movie has its scary moments and is pretty good.

There is one logic problem, and that is in the death of one person who never even touches the locker or actually comes very near to it; everyone else has actually touched the inside of the locker.


A direct continuation from The Locker, with a carryover of a couple of the characters, Reika and the girl she is tutoring.

A guy stumbling along sees the long-haired child from Locker 1.

We're right back with Rieka in the hospital. Ayano, the girl she has been tutoring, is still there with her.

The ending scene from the first movie is repeated where Reika gives Ayano the key to the locker.

Reika dies.

Ayano is walking with a couple of friends when some girls run into them who are most definitely not Ayano's friends.

Ayano tries to locate the locker.

She opens the locker and there is noting in it at all.

Two girls have arrived, believing in the legend that if you leave a gift in the locker you will get the one you love.

Suddenly Ayano hears the baby crying.

A girl says she's doing a school project on studying the psychology of people who believe in things like fortune-telling.

Ayano is walking and senses a presence behind her but no one is there. Later, a girl confronts her, one of the two girls that was at the Shibuya locker. The girl says that the girl who actually used the locker is dead.

She's been having strange things happen, and then she sees the girl next to Ayano.

The three girls who were nasty to Ayano show up at the locker. All three girls touch the inside of the locker.

The three girls who were at the locker find a car to steal.

They're all in the back seat when the car starts shaking.

One of the girls is being held. The other two run away (but not far away).They go back to check the car and both are pulled in.

Ayano talks to a woman at the hospital about what has been happening.

She later sees the girl while at a karaoke booth.

This guy that's interested in her has put her birthday present in the locker and he gets it out.

Shiori has followed them to the locker. She has a crush on the guy but the guy has no clue that she does.

The doctor goes to the police headquarters. They, of course, have a hard time believing in a curse, but one officer says a baby's body was found in a locker five years ago. They named the girl Sat-chan.

The guy gets pulled into the elevator by Sat-chan. He disappears from the elevator, leaving behind the crumpled present for Ayano.

Ayano gets home and the locker key is on her desk. The doctor handling all the deaths decides to check out the locker himself.

Sat-chan appears to be knocking at her door.

The locker door opens while they are there.

The two girls are talking in Ayano's room when one is pulled to the floor and under the bed by Sat-chan.

The one woman with the doctor is being maneuvered by Sat-chan (although the woman never touched the locker at all).

He sees Sat-chan's reflection in the mirror.

The doctor goes to the locker after Megumi, the woman, is killed by Sat-chan.

She opens the locker door and says that her teacher had told her that no baby was born unwanted.

She awakes in the hospital after the doctor was hit and killed by a truck. Reiko's spirit pulled Ayano out of the way while Sat-chan pushed the doctor into the path of the truck. Sat-chan appears and says she wanted Ayano dead, and that's where the movie ends, so you don't know if she ended up killing Ayano, or if she was blocked by Reiko and couldn't ever again hurt Ayano (which I think is probably the actual ending.)

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