I Want to Be in Love

This is an 11-episode series with a lot of characters. Mikan is a female hotel worker who lacks confidence in herself. She lives with her mother and has no boyfriends.

Ryousuke is a history teacher at an all-girls school. He's engaged to be married, but his fiancee, Reiko, decides she'd rather go to Paris and try and become a model.

Wataru is a high school boy at a loss about what he wants to do with his life. Midorikawa works at a beef-bowl restaurant where many of the characters meet for the first two-thirds of the series or so.

Shimura is a writer but with a dark secret; Ai is the woman who is in love with him. Koda is a married woman, mother of Yuko and a young son, with a husband who plays around on her.

As with most dramas, the main emphasis is on relationships or the lack of them.

This is really an excellent drama with a lot of very deep meaning throughout. It will definitely keep you interested wondering what is going to happen to each of the characters who all have their own quirks and problems and are presented quite realistically.

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