Oyaji! (Oh, Dad)

This is a pretty good dorama. The basic plot is that the father is a cantankerous doctor. He sticks his nose into everyone's business, yells at his kids (and others), and is not above telling his own children to move out.

The mother tries to keep peace among everyone. There's a younger brother, Tadashi. His father wants him to take over his father's clinic, but Tadashi doesn't want to. His grades aren't very good, and he doesn't really know what he wants to do with his life.

There's Suzu, a little older than Tadashi. She has dropped out of prep school and has little luck finding a decent job. She's always threatening to move out, and might leave for a short time, but always returns.

There's Sayuri, the oldest daughter. She teaches at an elite school, is single, and got pregnant by a married man.

The father also is sort of having an affair with a bar hostess, and there's a man in the mother's past who she could have ended up marrying.

The problem I have with this dorama is the father. He is constantly telling everyone else what to do and how to behave, yet he's willing to have an affair with another woman which is, to me, hypocritical, and I personally don't care for hypocrites.

I like the other characters, though, especially the mother. Worth watching.

(I wasn't able to get any screencaps, unfortunately.)

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