The Road Home


This is a very good movie about love between a man and a woman living in a village (possibly in Mongolia or somewhere like that.) The movie starts out in black and white as it covers events of the present, then goes to color as it covers events of the past, then back to black and white and the present again.

Luo, the son of the couple, has returned to the village to take care of the funeral for his father. His mother wants a traditional one where the body is taken from the town he died in and walked back in its coffin to the village, so the soul of the person never forgets his way home.

Zhai Di is the main female character in the past. She falls in love with the new schoolteacher for the village. It's not an easy thing, though, since she doesn't go to school and the teacher gets into some kind of political trouble. There's a lot of her watching him from a distance and then gradually moving on to where they talk to each other.

In the present, the funeral is arranged with considerable difficulty, but you get to see just how much the villagers loved the school teacher and honor him with their help in the procession.

It's a very good, very romantic movie.

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