A Frightful School Horror

The film has a very appropriate name. It is frightful. Frightfully bad. Really, really bad. This is for a couple of reasons. First, the camera and filming techniques used are incredibly annoying. This only detracts from the film; it doesn't make it any better or scarier.

The second reason it's so bad is in the stories themselves. They simply aren't very good, aren't very scary, or are incredibly predictable (or some combination of those).


The film is divided into three short stories. This first one is filmed in a rather annoying (to me) manner, using some kind of soft blur filter. It's also filmed a little too dark (physically) for my taste, making you almost squint in order to try to make out the image better.

A young girl.

The kids talk about a new girl coming to their school.

Kyoko sees the new girl outside the school, the same one she saw earlier when out running.

She follows the girl to some kind of “prohibited” space.

Kyoko is following the girl. The girl goes into the prohibited area. (One of the other girls makes a comment that the newcomer is locked up in there and, if let lose, disaster will follow.)

The two of them play in the playground at the school. (This scan also shows the type of blurring that occurs during the film; this is the most extreme kind, but the rest is also blurred at least somewhat. That's also not counting some very annoying camera handling.) She follows the girl into the prohibited area (again), and the girl has a habit of disappearing.

The prohibited areas seems to be a kind of storeroom. It's also shot very dark so it's hard to make out just what is there. <,/p>

She finds the girl who appears to be dead. The film then degenerates into terrible camera angles, two people yelling that Kyoko must die, and some kind of furniture collapse.

Kyoke wakes up in the school clinic.

The film then shows the two girls playing some more. Afterwards then -again- go back into the prohibited area. Theres -another- furniture collapse. Kyoko apparently dies from an injury she got due to the furniture collapse.

An otherwise possibly interesting movie is almost ruined by poor camera techniques, too-dark filming and a plot that doesn't make much sense. The girl that Kyoko sees, then, is who? The only thing I can think of is that she lured Kyoko to the prohibited area in order for her to be killed, but if that's true than what is the motive? There wasn't any earlier reference to any kind of “legend” of a student dying there or anything which at least would have helped to explain things somewhat.


The story opens with the dissection of a live frog.

This then segues into a girl in a swimming pool. This moves on to more people in the pool, including three girls who should be practicing (for some reason) but feel lazy.

The girls have to clean the pool area and they find a live frog.

Finally, one of the three starts telling a tale about a science room. It's something about a ghost who takes the face away from a student by cutting it off.

Three girls go to check out the story. They have to enter the science room at 8:45 at night. (This is the original group of girls that the legend is based on.)

Let's see. First, the girls are in the school at 8:45 at night. Wouldn't the school be locked up by that time? Second, they are search for the missing third girl, but they don't think of turning on any of the lights at all. They don't even suggest turning on the lights (they might have been worried by someone outside seeing the lights, but wouldn't finding the third girl be more important than that concern?).

The film then starts using a lot of extremely annoying camera angles and movements. The first girl is found with part of her face missing, and the second girl is found cut open like a frog. Apparently the third girl is also killed.

One of the girls tries to talk the other two in checking out the science room to see if the rumor is true. (Now, if one to three girls had been killed at one time, wouldn't the school have taken very strong measures to make sure the science labs were kept locked up securely after that incident?) Suddenly one of the three girls is dragged into the water by something and the other two start screaming, and then the episode ends.


The Crucified Girl

The girls are complaining about having to practice for something or other.

They spot a dead crow on the way to school.

It seems they are practicing rhythmic gymnastics.

The girl on the right seems to be having blood coming from her right ear (at times); the girl on the left saw that earlier and now in the restroom.

The other girls have left, but Kasumi has returned to the gym alone. Then a very short time later the other three girls are there, apparently searching for Kasumi. Kasumi, meanwhile, is trapped in a bathroom stall and hearing lots of crows. (Unfortunately, for some unfathomable reason, in with the sounds of the crows is the sound of a monkey.)

Kasumi ends up in the stall, but when another girl checks the stall out, Kasumi is no longer there. The rest of the film is so utterly disjointed and incomprehensible that any description of what happens would make no sense and serve no useful purpose.

Best advice: avoid this film. Period.

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