Sex Friend Nyrezakari


This sounded so weird I had to check it out. A combination of a horror movie and a porn movie, apparently.

It opens with a couple having sex (full nudity). After they finish, there's a knock on the door and a guy comes in that they don't recognize. The visiting guy is named Tsutomu, and he goes to sleep right away. There's a hilarious scene involving the bathroom and the girl trying to scare Tsutomu.

Tsutomu comes on to Mika later (her relationship with Daisuke is quite strained), but she freaks out. She finds that Tsutomu has left. Tsutomu later calls and asks Daisuke to bring his cell phone out to him.

They have a car problem, then later find a couple with the couple videotaping the woman playing with herself. Then the woman has oral sex with the guy. It turns out that Daisuke knows the guy. Then the guy tells Daiskuo that Tsutomu had been to his bar the previous night.

All four hang together and find Tsutomu's mother, who tells them he has been dead for eight years. She gives them a map to Tsutomu's grave, and there's another sex scene, this time between Tsutomu's mother and father.

They put Tsutomu's cell phone on his grave, and the phone starts to ring. It's Tsutomu, who sets up a baseball game for the next day.

The next day all four adults show up for the game, plus the ghost, plus two teams of elementary school kids.

The film has sort of an acceptable ending, but otherwise is pretty much a waste of time.

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