The Sisters


Well, let's see. What are the wonders of this film? First, some remarkably pitiful acting. Second, some rather bad camera work. Third, various events throughout the film that make no sense at all. Fourth, the ending is utterly without sense.

It's just a massively disappointing movie that is pretty much a waste of time.


Something without a head is crawling along.

Some woman, who is a suspect in something, has shown up at the police station.

A group of musicians. They here something going on in their apartment or the next one, it's hard to tell.

The guy next door has a large knife he is going to use to behead the prostitute. (This might be the same apartment in the past). He puts her head above the ceiling tiles. (Which is incredibly stupid; if he can find a place to hide the body he can hide the head there too; also, leave it long enough and it'll start smelling and someone will investigate.)

There's a piece of white cloth hanging down. I think the events were in the same apartment as the musicians, but in the past.

One of the guys starts to pull the cloth out and it's quite long. None of them had seen it earlier.

The first two guys to look up in the area after the covering is removed leave, and the third guy starts shaking. Then he leaves, also. The fourth guy looks and also leaves.

Finally we get to see what the guys have been seeing which is a hand and arm moving, and then the rest of the person.

Four of them are downstairs. One of them sees something, runs out, and gets hit by a truck and knocked back in through the glass.

One of the musicians is wearing a swastika patch.

No idea on this one. When the guy leaves the restroom he has to drag his leg because the kid, who he can't see, is holding on to it. (The kid continues to appear throughout the film)

Some girl talks to one of the guys. The girl wants him to take her home. She has a picture, and it seems her sister may be the woman they saw in the ceiling. (What is the girl doing in the hospital? The woman had been killed some time before, probably not really recently.)

Then we go back to the past again. This part just allows more brutality against women to be put into the film.

The girl tells them about her sister.

The one guy is seeming the woman crawling towards him and no one is noticing that he's freaking out. He just happens to be carrying a loaded guy and fires off several rounds in the air (why in the air?). Then he kills himself.

The police think everything that the girl has said so far is the result of hallucinations from drugs. They found pot on one of the guys.

One of the group has been checking what the young girl said and he can't verify anything that she said at all.

Suddenly they all decide to go and talk to a Buddhist monk. (Why? Did they know him? ) He says the temple cremated the woman, minus her head.) Yet there's a guy there that found the head and went insane.

The blind priest can sense that the woman is with the group.

The priest told the girl she must remain in the temple (the woman had touched her previously) while the other guys go to find some coffins so a ritual can be done to free them from the curse. (There's also some very annoying camerwork in this part).

The strange kid is riding on top of their van. (And there has still not been given any explanation for the kid's existence.)

One of the three guys wants to be dropped off at his house. We also glimpse the woman in the back of the van.

They go to get the third guy at his house and find he's hung himself (or been hung.)

One guy runs out and gets in the truck and then it ends up driving itself with the woman inside. But that part turns out to be the guy's dream. Apparently, everything from the guy going into the house and seeing the guy hanging has been a dream.

It turns out the guy was actually dead just as in the dream.

One guy choses to sleep in a coffin that night, even though the ritual isn't being done and, of course, they later find him dead.

The one guy remaining suggests they try to contact the woman who was killed.

A guy tells them that the woman was pregnant when she died. He gives them a bag and it contains a letter the woman never had time to send, so they decide to deliver it for her.

The person they deliver the letters to (there were a bunch of letters, actually), turns out to be the murdered woman's mother.

The girl's sister killed herself; this was the same girl the group saw in the hospital earlier. We also see that someone is chained up in another room.

Back at the house, the murdered woman is crawling out from under the bed after the guy that's chained up in the room. Apparently it's the father who had sex with the murdered woman when she was still young and living at the house.

The two remaining from the group have a car accident.

Then this happened after the accident.

She swims away from something trying to pull her down deeper into the water.

She said Nui, the one guy remaining, tried to do the ritual with the coffin but just plain disappeared.

The policeman tells her the guy that might be the murderer had been in a cell there and had hung himself.

Suddenly he sees the murdered woman. Then it looks like she's in the same seat as the woman from the group, but then it looks like time goes backward and the woman from the group is back. And yes, it doesn't make any sense at all.

As the end credits play Saeng Daow's letter to her mother is read and she says she will hate all men. Then why did she try to kill the girl from the band?

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