Wishing Stairs


Competition in a ballet class leads to two girls, once close friends, falling apart. An accident disables one girl. An overweight, unpopular girl becomes involved and things move rapidly downhill.

It's a good story; a little on the complex side, but still well told. Basically, no one wins in this story, except perhaps for the wishing stairs themselves.


At the high school there's a legend that, if you climb a flight of 28 stairs, reach the top and step onto a 29th step, your wish will be granted.

Be careful what you wish for.

Hae-ju, overweight and unpopular.

One of the other students who also has uses for the room.

Jin-sung is being chastised by the ballet instructor.

So-hee is in love with Jin-sung and has snuck into her room in the dorm.

The fat girl Hae-ju, has done some cartoons. She also isn't all together mentally, basically.

So-hee had previously somehow hurt her leg but it seems to be getting better. There's going to be a competition at the school to pick one person to represent the school at some ballet contest. Apparently So-hee is considered to be a better dancer than Jin-sung.

The model of the wishing stairs was made by Hae-ju. Apparently she made a wish to become thinner and has become thinner.

So-hee is dancing and the other girls are jealous of her ability.

Jin-song is told by a counselor (?) that, basically, she's not good enough to win the competition.

Jin-sung climbs the steps and counts 29 so she makes her wish to the spirit of the fox. She wishes to go to the competition.

Hae-ju had borrowed So-hee's gym clothes. She washed them and returned them and added some kind of tiara.

So-hee follows Jin-sung up some steps to a storage area. Jin-sung tells So-hee that she hates her, and that she makes her feel miserable.

So-hee pleads with Jin-sung for her not to leave.

Jin-sung wants So-hee to let her be and in the struggle So-hee falls down the flight of stairs.

With So-hee out of the way, Jin-sung is able to win the competition to represent the school.

She goes to the hospital but So-hee and her mother are arguing. So-hee may never be able to walk or dance again. She leaves some flowers and walks out.

That night, So-hee visits Jin-sung in her room. What Jin-sung doesn't know is that So-hee is dead; she committed suicide by falling out her window at the hospital.

The next day when Jin-sung gets to school the other girls are ice-cold towards her, and then one of them tells her that So-hee is dead.

One of the girls sees Hae-ju crying over So-hee and finds various memorabilia that Hae-ju has collected about So-hee and brings it to the classroom.

Later, in the cafeteria Hae-ju is eating as fast as she possibly can.

So-hee gets to the 29th step. She wishes for So-hee to be sent back to her.

Later Hae-ju's alone in the girl's restroom. So-hee seems to be there.

Strange things start to happen in the room in which Hae-ju is working on her sculpting.

The spirit tells Hae-ju her hair would look better black.

Jin-sung is taking a shower and suddenly the water changes to blood.

Other strange things happen in the school building. In the dorm the lights go out. Hae-ju is in another room and is coloring her hair and talking to the spirit, although only she can see it.

Yoon-ji is doing her sculpture in a different room from the other students.

Hae-ju, now totally bonkers, attacks and kills Yoon-ji.

The girls congratulate Jin-sung.

It's not as friendly as she thought. They take the cake and hit her in the face with it.

Jin-sung gets a text message on her phone to meet So-hee in the sculpture room.

Hae-ju is there waiting for her.

Jin-sung runs to hide in a basement room but Hae-ju quickly finds her.

Jin-sung finds out what happened to Yoon-ji.

Jin-sung escapes. Hae-ju sets fire to stuff spilled on the floor and the entire room goes up in flames with her in it.

Jin-sung is preparing things for her trip to the Russian ballet school. (She apparently won both the school competition and the national competition.) Anyhow, in her room a Sadako-like figure appears. (Oddly enough, no one seems to have noticed the fire that Hae-ju started, unless that and this event are going on at exactly the same time which is somewhat unlikely.)

Hae-ju appears to be in the closet with her. Then suddenly Jin-sung finds herself in the school building, then she ends up in the ballet room (all the while weird things are happening).

Jin-sung climbs the wishing stairs and finds So-hee there (or at least some form of her.)

Jin-sungs says she didn't hate So-hee, she just wanted to win once. So-hee then kills her and throws her body down the stairs.

Later a new girl takes over Jin-sung's room and something happens to indicate things may be starting all over again.

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