Phantom of the Toilet synopsis

Phantom of the Toilet

The elementary school

The word is getting around that two in other schools have turned up missing or dead.

The classroom

The girls talk

The girls in the classroom talk about what has been happening and they decide to consult an ouija board.

Hanako is the guilty one

Where is the school?

Natsumi is the supposed to be the next target, according to the ouija board, and she will be taken the next day. Later, a new girl appears and asks for directions; this is Saeko.

A staff meeting is held

Saeko is the new girl

Saeko is disliked

"Hanako's" toilet

One of the girls in the classroom takes a dislike to Saeko, probably due to the fact that Saeko is prettier and smarter. In the girl's restroom, one particular toilet is, apparently by tradition, assumed to be "Hanako's" toilet.

The girls are suspicious of Saeko

Saeko is blamed for a near-accident

The teacher wants to know what happened

Takuya and Saeko clean the goat's area

The Terrible Trio

An armed Saeko

The Terrible Trio spots Saeko and run away from her. In the process they stumble across a pool of blood and a severed goat's head. They later run into Saeko who is carrying a sickle and who then passes out.

The teacher says Sakeo is innocent and has lost her voice

The girls think Saeko is possessed by Hanako's spirit

Sakeo is considered the chief suspect

Another personality clash

Saeko just wants to be friends

An ominous watcher

Takuya goes to the restroom and finds the lights flashing on and off, myseriously. He gets scared and runs but trips and hurts his ankle. Meanwhile, Natsumi sees Saeko leaning out of a window and is scared that she's going to commit suicide and runs to Saeko's classroom to stop her.

Mysterious lights

Natsumi runs to save Saeko

Cakes for an injured Takuya

Teacher talks to Takuya's father

Takuya is turning against Saeko

The girls plot

Takuya turns against Saeko, leaving her totally without friends in her class. Meanwhile, the Terrible Trio begins to hatch a plan to prove that Saeko is the one who killed the goat and the students. They plan is to leave Saeko in Hanako's toilet overnight. If she's still there in the morning, then she's innocent.

The worst part is that Takuya is the classroom leader, and he gives his agreement to the plan to put Sakeo in the toilet overnight.

The plan unfolds

Saeko is led to the toilet

The door is secured

The teacher wants to talk to Takuya

The students are left to clean the classroom and it is during that time that they put their plan into action. Meanwhile, the teacher leaves the school and goes to talk to Takuya to find out what is going on about Saeko.

After dark Natsumi returns to the school, wanting to find out why Saeko didn't leave at her normal time.

The evil one is there

Natsumi runs into Takuya who has also gone to the school

Alone in the toilet

He's breaking in, and she can't scream

The door to the stall opens–

Takuya to the rescue

The lights in the restroom start to flicker and Takuya and Saeko hear a strange female voice.

Hanaoko's voice

Hanako's weird voice is heard by the students no matter where they are.

The killer appears

Saeko and Takuya fight off the killer who falls over a broom handle, allowing the two students to flee.


Trying to escape

More reinforcements

Takuya's father is down



Hanako is heard again

The battle moves outside

They fight

The battle rages

Ready to kill

Lights appear; reinforcements have arrived!

Help is here


More join

Takuya's father knocks out the killer

Apologies are made to Saeko

Other students recall Hanako's voice

They all heard her voice

Everyone gathers

Takuya and Seiko make up

They kiss

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