Dark Water

The original Japanese version of a horror movie which is, alas, more bore than horror. Granted, it makes more sense than, say, The Grudge, but it's still not really that scary and it's terribly predictable. Even at that, though, it's better than The Grudge.

Yoshimi, a girl waiting for someone to pick her up at school.

The grown Yoshimi.

She's in the process of a divorce. She wants her daughter to live with her. The husband has told the lawyers(?) that Yoshimi had been under psychiatric care at one time. She had been a proofreader and the novels she read were so sadistic that it had an affect on her mentally.

They are looking for a place to live.

A small hand takes hold of hers. She thinks it's her daughter's, but it's not. The elevator also has water on the floor and water drops on the ceiling.

Something dark appears in the elevator (like in the hallways,etc., in The Grudge).

The apartment looks kind of seedy but the guy says it's going to be fixed up quite soon. Yoshima says the humidity in the apartment is very high.

The little girl is doing some exploring.

The ceiling is leaking.

The school Ikuko is gong to be attending.

Yoshima goes to the apartment above hers to see where the water is coming from. She sees a little girl by the door when it finally opens, but she can't get to it in time before it closes again.

Ikuko sees the little girl from the apartment above theirs.

Yoshima is very late in picking her daughter up from school. She sees a “lost child” poster describing a young girl in a yellow raincoat.

Ikuko is playing in the school and sees the girl with the yellow raincoat, dripping water.

The mother gets called to the school when Ikuko collapses. The principal says the girl has been talking to her self a lot.

The husband is trying to take the girl away from the mother.

Yoshima gets an aunt to help look after Ikuko.

Mitsuko, with her red bag and yellow raincoat.

The leak from the ceiling has become a deluge. Ikuko has gone missing again.

She goes up to the next floor and water is pouring out of the apartment above hers.

There's standing water and pouring water in the apartment. (The door wasn't locked.)

She finds Ikuko in the apartment, totally drenched.

Yoshima's attorney takes the manager and agent upstairs to see how badly the apartment is damaged.

The red bag has shown up again so Yoshima is going up on the roof to check something out.

Yoshima seems to have some psychic abilities, especially in pyschometry; she picks up or touches something and can “read” the past of the object. She touches the watertank and sees Mitsuko climbing up it.

Meanwhile, the bathtub is filling up and Ikuko can't shut off the water. Hands come out of the water and drag Ikuko's head under.

She sees Ikuko coming out of their apartment even though she's holding Ikuko.

The Ikuko she was holding is really Mitsuko. She grabs the mother. The elevator door closes and Ikuko climbs the stairs to be there when it opens but when it opens only water pours out.

She's outside the elementary school where she used to go.

She visits the place where she used to live.

She sees her mother.

She wants to move in with her mother but Yoshima says she can't.

Ikuko leaves after her mother disappears.

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