Baseball Beyond Barbed Wire

The guy in the middle is Vinnie, a great Japanese American baseball player.

In the 1920's and 1930's the Japanese immigrants formed semi-pro baseball leagues.

After Pearl Harbor, the West Coast Japanese and Japanese-Americans were sent to relocation centers (that's the term this video uses).

In the camps, they were allowed to play baseball. The team shown is from the Heart Mountain Camp.

This photo is from a game at the Manzanar camp.

The video talks about the film American Pastime which I have seen and reviewed elsewhere.

One of the characters in the film volunteers for the 442nd.

The theme song of the 442nd.

The 442nd in France.

This man was in the Military Intelligence Unit which used Nisei as translators, interpreters, interviewers, etc.

Here men of the MIS interrogate Japanese prisoners.

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