Japan and World War II

This section will deal with aspects of World War II as it relates to Japan. Some of the material is controversial and some is blatantly racist. Some images will be upsetting, but this is all being presented as a historical examination of war and American attitudes towards the Japanese during World War II. There will be reviews of books, along with a synopsis of many of the books. There will also be references to speeches and various documents.

Some items will be short synopses of articles from the excellent World War II magazine.

Because this section has become so large, I am going to split it up into sub-sections. Each link will take you to a page with other links on it.

This section will not, though, cover the Japanese-American Internment Camps. That material is covered here.

NOTE: Some of the media material contains very racist content. Some of the images could also be upsetting. This material is here for historical purposes only, and is not meant in any way, shape or form to condone the (incredibly stupid) racist concepts contained in some of the materials. This section will have entries on magazines, books, DVDs, and other materials. Also, if the word Jap is used it is taken directly from the title of the article.

United States-related matters

100th Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
Alternative Histories (fiction)
American Industry and the War
American Military in General
American Culture and the War
A Story of American Courage
A Talk with Admiral Nimitz
FDR, Fireside Chats and other material
Halsey Home
How to Invade U.S.
Navajo Codetalkers
The Battle of Los Angeles
Tuskegee Airmen trading cards
Yank Magazine movie
Yank Magazine Aug. 5, 1942

Japan-related matters

Asiatic Land Battles: Japanese Ambitions in the Pacific
Countdown to Infamy
Battle Instructions for First Division
Fable of Japan
Geisha Girls
G.I. Life in Postwar Japan
How Strong is Japan?
Inter-service Rivalry
Jap Army Reorganization (Intelligence Bulletin)
Japan at War: An Oral History
Japan's Declaration of War
Japan during the war
Japanese Military and Militarism
Japanese Prisoner-of-War Camps
Japanese Spear Attacks
Jap Army Discipline and Morale
Jap Army Morale
Jap Belly Tank
Jap Commandos
Jap Military Insignia
Japan's War Documentary in Color (documentary)
Japs Eat Human Flesh
Jap Surrenders Increase
Jap Weapons (Yank Magazine>
Missionary Arrested
No Surrender
Occupation of Japan
On the Japanese Homefront
Onwards Towards Our Noble Deaths
Operation Storm
Prelude to Occupation
Psychology Japan
Serving the Emperor
Showa: A History of Japan, 1926-1939
Showa: A History of Japan, 1939-1944
Showa: A History of Japan, 1944-1953
Tales By Japanese Soldiers
The Jap Soldier
The Jap Tank
The Last Battle Under the Orion (movie)
The Lost War
U.S. Occupies Japan
Wartime in Japan
What Should We Do With Germans and Japs After War?
Victory Reports
Zeros Ain't What They Used To Be

The Pacific Theater

1931: The Great Pacific War
Arms Length From a Jap Battleship
Atomic Bombs
Bombing and Firebombing of Japan
Bywater's Pacific War Prophecy
Comfort Women
Creamed Beef on Hoof
Destroying Jap Destroyers
Fighting the Japs
Flying Scotty Dog
Flying Tigers Feed Jap Planes to Fish
Frisco Radio Nettles Japs
Greatest Military Moments of the 20th Century
Ground Crews Trained to Defend B-29
His Buddy a Jap
Hong Kong Killer
How Long Will We Fight This War?
Infantryman in South Pacific
Japanese Attacks on the US Mainland during WWII
Jap Catcher
Jap Plans for Invading U.S
Japs Fried
Jungle War
Junior Solomons
Invading Japan
It's a Small World, Isn't It
Japs Won't Let You Read Your Mail
Kurusu So Sorry
Leaders of Pacific War
Less Than a Minute
Letter from FDR to Armed Forces
Liberty magazine, July 25, 1942
Lost in the Pacific
Marine Raider
Navy's Raid on Jap Isles
Near the end of the War, and Japan's surrender, and after
No Beer in Fiji
Other Atrocities
Pacific Combat
Pearl Harbor
Phony Gun Scares Japs
PT Mission
Rape of Nanking
Reporter with Troops
Robot Bomb (Intelligence Bulletin)
San Paolo (Intelligence Bulletin)
Sgt. Red Door and Sioux Scouts
Specific Battles and Battle Areas
Strange Peace Between Russia and Japan
Survey of Jap POWs
Sweating It Out
The Beachhead on New Britain
The G.I.'s War Agasinst Japan
The Lively Pacific
The Planned Invasion of Japan
The US Strategic Bombing Survey: The Effects of Strategic Bombing on Japanese Morale
The US Strategic Bombing Survey: The Effects of Strategic Bombing on Japan's War Economy (long file)
The Yamato
They Know All About Zeroes
This Marine Killed 200 Japs
Tokyo Bombed Down in Texas
Unit 731
U.S. Must Fight for its Life
War Plans
We Killed a Lot of Japs
What Comes Next in the Pacific?
What's a Jap to a Hawaiian?
Yank Magazine, 7-14-1942
Yank Magaziner Discharge
Yank Magazine Puts Finger on Japs

Propaganda-related matters

American Propaganda Leaflets
Attitude of Japanese Troops
Battlefield Propaganda
Blood on the Sun
Comics that are War Related
Commando Duck
Demonic Americans
Japanese Propaganda
Nuts to the Axis Contest
Octopus Cartoon
Posters dealing with World War II and Japan
Propaganda and the Japanese
Propaganda and the Media (both US and Japanese)
Propaganda At War
Propaganda/Racist Cartoons
Propaganda Cartoons Part 2
Psychological Warfare (Intelligence Bulletin)
Psychological Warfare chapter from the book The Lost War
Sub Propaganda
The Emperor of Japan
Tokyo Rose
Two Down, One to Go
Understanding the Jap Mind
Yank Magazine 1-1-1942
Yank Magazine 7-2-1943
Yank Magazine 7-9-1943

Other topics

War Crime Trials and Related Topics
Short essays on Japan and the war that I have done
World War II Trading Cards
More trading cards

Note on Scholarship

There have been some people writing to me, wanting to know what book and what page of that book I found a particular quote or other piece of information in, and could I send that to them. In many parts of my pages I do, indeed, have specific sources listed, but in many I don't.

This is an informal site. I am not doing a thesis or anything like that. I examine literally hundreds of books (as is shown in my reviews) and thousands of pages of documents to find information for this site.

I don't record what exact book or page any particular section of information comes from. Nor do I write down what source and what page I have used photos from. My attempt is to examine lots of sources of information and then, holistically, boil these down to basic information that I then put on my website.

Below are some of the specific sources I consulted for my work on these web pages. Can I tell you where a specific image on a specific page came from? Probably not. As I noted above, this was just an informal research project for me and is not related to any specific academic purpose other than my own interest in the subject.

Densho Digital Archive: http://archive.densho.org/main.aspx. This place has everything you would want dealing with Japanese Americans, World War II, and the internment. It took me several years just to go through their material on the internment.

History House: http://www.historyhouse.com/

Internet Archive: http://www.archive.org/details/movies

Japan Center for Asian Historical Records: http://www.jacar.go.jp/english/index.html

Manzanar National Historical Site: http://www.nps.gov/history/museum/exhibits/manz/index.html.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: http://www.mofa.go.jp/

National Archives: http://www.archives.gov/research/guide-fed-records/index.html. A source with a massive wealth of photos and other information from that time.

Project Gutenberg: http://www.thalasson.com/gtn/. A source of older works on the subject. Do not ignore these; often older works will have information not present in the newer ones, or at least will present a different slant on things.

There are numerous videos on You Tube that deal with the Pacific Theater and with the Japanese American Internment Camps.

Ebay is an excellent place to find useful books and videos. There are various collections available that deal with posters from the war, with the war itself, with propaganda, etc. Half.com is a decent place to find books and some movies on the subject, and Bonanzle also has materials relating to the topic.

A great deal of my information came from getting books from these sources and from the public library. Some information came from old American and Japanese magazines, both.

My war-related videos on You Tube

WWII Trading Card Set
America Attacks Trading Card set
Private Snafu I
Private Snafu II
The Yamato
Admiral Yamamoto
Hirohito: God Emperor or War Criminal?
World War II Posters Part I
World War II Posters Part II
World War II Cartoons-Racism Present

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