Japanese Military and Militarism

Airplanes and related things

Aichi Val (You Tube)
Decline and Fall of Japanese Air Power
Hayabusa Ki-43 Koh Oscar (You Tube)
Imperial Japanese Army Airborne Exercises 1941-1942 (You Tube)
Imperial Japanese Naval Aviator 1937-1945
Japan Aircraft (You Tube)
Japan Airplanes (You Tube)
Japanese airplanes photos
Japanese Army Air Aces
Japanese Infantry Weapons of WWII
Japanese Jet
Japan's Fatally Flawed Air Arms
Mitsubishi J2M Raiden Jack (You Tube)
Mitsubishi Ki 15 Babs (You Tube)
Mitsubishi Ki-51(You Tube)
Mitsubishi Ki 21 Sally(You Tube)
Nakajima B5N Kate(You Tube)
Nakajima Ki43 Hayabusa I-III
World War 2 Japanese Aircraft (You Tube)
Zero Fighter

Boats and ships and related things

Aircraft Carrier Akagi (You Tube)
Aircraft Carrier Hiryu (You Tube)
Aircraft Carrier Kaga (You Tube)
Aircraft Carrier Soryu (You Tube)
Battleship Musashi
I-26 submarine
IJN Imperial Japanese Naval Battleship Yamato (You Tube)
Imperial Japanese Navy battleship Nagato
Imperial Japanese Navy Video Clip (You Tube)
Japanese carriers
Japanese Heavy Cruisers of World War II in action
Japanese Midget Submarine
Japanese minisubs photos
Japanese ships photos
Japanese ships being sunk photos
Japan Navy (You Tube)
Japan's Underwater Convoys: A series of top-secret Japanese submarine missions could have changed the course of World War II
Secrets of the Battleship Yamato (You Tube)
The Glorious Imperial Japanese Navy (You Tube)
The Last Battleship IJN Yamato (You Tube)
The Sinking of Battleship Yamato (You Tube)
The Supership Yamato (things from You Tube)
World War II Imperial Japanese Navy (You Tube)
The Yamato (You Tube)
Yamato photos

The Japanese Army

A Comparative Study of The United States Marines and the Imperial Japanese Army in the Central Pacific War Through the Experiences of Clifton Joseph Cormier and Hiroo Onoda
Japanese Army Fighters, part 2
Japanese Army in World War II, Conquest of the Pacific, 1941 to 1942
The Japanese Army in World War II: The South Pacific and New Guinea, 1942, 43

Military songs

Field Encampment Song
Japanese Navy March
Kato Hyabusa Fighter Win Song
Paper on Japanese war songs
Song of the Fierce Eagles
War Song 1
War Song 2
War Song 3
War Song 4
War Song 5
War Song 6
War Song 7
War Song 8
War Song 9

Other things related to the war and the military

Actual Japanese Quotes About the War
Civilian Suicides photos
Hidden Key to the Pacific
I Was Defeated
Japan and the Pacific
Japanese Aggression photos
Japanese Militarism: Its Cause and Cure
Japanese Military Administration in Indonesia: Selected Documents
Japanese soldiers in caves photos
Japanese Terror in China
Japan's Military Masters
Japan's War
Kempeitai: Japan's Dreaded Military Police
Kogun: The Japanese Army in the Pacific War
Life Magazine, August 16, 1943
Nisei Soldiers photos
The Pacific War Papers: Japanese Documents of World War II
Read This Alone and the War Will be Won
Reluctant Warrior
Surviving the Sword: Prisoners of the Japanese in the Far East, 1942-1945
Taken Captive
The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire
The Shadow Warriors of Nakano: A History of the Imperial Japanese Army's Elite Intelligence School
WWII Empire of Japan(You Tube)

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