American Military

Air Force (1943)(movie)
American Bombers Striking From Australia, National Geographic
America Goes to War in the Pacific
American Diaries: Josie Poe (fiction)
Analysis of Pre-invasion Air Operations, Pacific Area, November-December 1943
B-29s photos
Breaking of the Japanese Code (You Tube)
The GI War Against Japan: American soldiers in Asia and the Pacific during world war II
How We Fight With Photographs,National Geographic
Insignia of the United States Armed Services, National Geographic
Jungle Fighting - Yankee Style (Liberty mag.)
Landing Craft for Invasion
Navy Helldivers Strike Hyuga
Secrets of WWII (You Tube)
Springboards to Tokyo
The Heraldry of Heroism
The New Queen of the Seas
U.S. Ships photos
USS Enterprise photos
With Courage: The U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II
Yorktown sunk photos

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