Sources on The time near the end of the war, Japan's surrender, and shortly thereafter

Atitudes Towards Surrender
Before the Bomb: How America Approached the End of the Pacific War
Behind Japan's Surrender
The Confusion Era
Details of the Campaign Against Japan. JCS 1388, 16 June 1945 )
Details of the Campaign Against Japan. JWPC 369/1, 15 June 1945.
"Details of the Campaign Against Japan." JPS 697/D, 14 June 1945.
Embracing Defeat
Intelligence on the Economic Collapse of Japan in 1945
Japanese prisoners
Manchuria bombed by US photos
Middletown Journal paper
Military History Quarterly, Autumn 2015
Minutes of Meeting Held at the White House on Monday 18 June 1945, at 1530. Document 598 of Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)
Postwar Japan (You Tube)
Proposed Changes to Details of the Campaign Against Japan. JCS 1388/1, 20 June 1945.
Report of Surrender and Occupation of Japan and Korea
Rout Jap Naval Force
Surrender Documents
Surrender on U.S.S. Missouri (Yank magagzine)
Surrender Photos
The Fall of Japan
The Long Defeatbr> Unconditional Defeat
United States Strategic Bombing Survey: Japan's Struggle to End the War: 1 July, 1946
Victory in the Pacific
V-J Day
War Ends magazine
What If We Had Invaded Japan?
Yamashita Surrenders

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