Specific Battles and Battle Areas

Alaska and the Aleutian Islands

Alaska (Yank magazine)
Alaska and the Aleutian Islands
Alaska's Hidden Wars: Secret Campaigns on The North Pacific Rim
Alaska Highway Gets Discharged
Alaska Scouts (Yank magazine)
The Aleutian Campaign
Aleutian Troop Carriers (Yank)
Aleutians, Gilberts and Marshalls
Andreanof Base (Yank magazine)
Attu Invasion (Yank)
Attu's Oldest Newspaper (Yank)
Bizarre Battleground: the Lonely Aleutians: National Geographic
Captured Wine (Yank magazine)
Eruption on Jinx Island (Yank)
G.I. Radioman Pulls a Jap's Leg(Yank)
How does capture of Attu change the Pacific war?(Yank)
In the Aleutians and Solomons (Yank magazine)
Island Icebox (film)
Japan's Doorstep (Yank)
Jap given decent burial (Yank)
Japs on Attu Build Deluxe Accomodations(Yank)
Kiska (Yank)
Kiska Catches Hell (Yank>
Kiska Japs Goodbye (Yank)
Life magazine, Sept. 28, 1942
Magnetic North (Attu, Kiska)(film)
P-38s Give Japs a Battle(Yank)
Raid in the North Pacific
Raid on Paramushiru
Report from the Aleutians(film)
Riddle of the Aleutians; National Geographic, Dec.1942
Saturday Night Baths in Alaska
Until the 'Battle of the Pips' confused the Americans, any escape from Kiska looked hopeless
Up in Attu your tail drags in the mud(Yank)
THE U.S. ARMY CAMPAIGNS OF WORLD WAR II: Aleutian Islands; 3 June 1942 to 24 August 1943
Various photos
War in Alaska (Yank)
War in the North(film)
Yank magazine photos
Yanks Establish Base in Aleutians (Yank)
Yanks in Alaska (Yank)


Taking Anguar


Australia (Yank magazine)


Back to Bataan(film)
Bataan Movie Trailer
Bataan Uncensored (Book)
Homage to Bataan(Yank magazine)
The Battling Bastards of Bataan(film)

Bismark Sea

Bismarck Sea photos


Keeping House in Borneo, National Geographic


Bouganville Patrol (Yank)
Escape From a Jap Ambush
Eyes of the Guns (Yank magazine)
Fiji Patrol on Bougainville
Jungle War: Bougainville and Caledonia
Living on a Beachhead in Bouganville
The Second Battle of Bouganville (Yank)
Ultimate Tropical Nightmare


Buna sailors
Life magazine article on Buna

Burma,India and China

Activities in Burma(film)
Activities in Burma (different version)(film)
Aerial Invasion of Burma; National Geographic, Aug. 1944
Anger of Burma
Asiatic Land Battles: Allied Victories in China and Burma
Back to Burma (Yank)
Behind the News in Singapore, National Geographic
Bombs Over Burma (Yank magazine)
Bridge Bombing Trick (Yank magazine)
Burma Hermits (Yank magazine)
Burma Operations(film)
Burma Operations Record (book)
Burma Outpost(film)
Burma Road, Back Door to China, National Geographic
The Burma Road: The Epic Story of the China, Burma, India Theater in World War II
Burma Tactics and Strategy of the Japs
Burma Theater
Campaign in Burma newsreel
Can You Top This? (Yank magazine)
China, Burma, India(film)
Death and Life at the Three-Pagoda Pass
The Eight-ball in China/Warning Net (Yank magazine)
Fight for Burma (Yank)
Landing in Burma (Yank magazine)
Elephant Run (fiction)
How About Burma? (Yank magazine)
Imphal Operations (You Tube)
Marauder Magic (Yank magazine)
Misc. article
Notes from a Burma Diary Yank magazine)
Objective Burma movie trailer
Operations in Burma(film)
Panay Sinking
Private Delays Japs (Yank)
Rangoon Jump (Yank magazine)
Report From China (Yank magazine)
Road to Tokyo
The Road to Mandalay(film)
The Stilwell Road(film)
The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:India-Burma; 2 April 1942 to 28 January 1945
Truck Convoy to China (Yank magazine)
The War in China

Central Pacific

The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:Central Pacific; 7 December 1941-6 December 1943 (D)(3/2008)


Activities in China (film)
B-29 crash in China(film)
Changing Shanghai; National Geographic
China's Hand-Built Air Bases, National Geographic
Flying Tigers
Here in Manchuria, National Geographic
Hong Kong, Britain's Far-flung Outpost in China
Manipur:Where Japan Struck at India
Singapore: Far East Gibraltar in the Malay Jungle
Stilwell Road: Land Route to China
Today on the China Coast

Coral Sea

Trial by Fire at Coral Sea


A Flaming Nightmare
Besieged on the Rock

East Indies

The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II: East Indies; 1 January to 22 July 1942
Yank magazine July 27,1945


Yank magazine, 10/1/43


Intelligence Bulletin


Yank Magazine 1/5/45

Gilbert Islands

Aleutians, Gilberts and Marshalls
Gilbert Islands in the wake of Battle
War Finds its way to Gilbert Islands, National Geographic


Battlefield Guadalcanal
Bogies at Angels Twelve
C Company at Kokumbona
'Chesty' Puller's Epic Stand
Dogfights: Guadalcanal(film)
Fight to the Death
Guadalcanal 1942
Guadalcanal Movie
Guadalcanal: America's First Offensive(film)
Guadalcanal Goes Garrison
Guadalcanal: The Definitive Account of the Landmark Battle
In the latter half of 1943, the conductor of the Tokyo Express found it a hazardous run
Japan Faces Russia in Manchuria, National Geographic
Lost Evidence: Guadalcanal (You Tube)
Meet the Sergeant from Guadalcanal
Ordinary Marines
Patrolling Guadalcanal
Secrets of Guadalcanal
The Struggle for Guadalcanal
The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II: Guadalcanal; 7 August 1942 to 21 February 1943
Yank Magazine, 10/28/42
Yank Magazine, 2/3/43
Yank Magazine, 2/26/43
Yank Magazine, 3/5/43
Yank Magazine, 5/21/43
Yank Magazine, 6/25/43


Guam : Perch of the China Clippers
Guam Surrenders
Japanese Offensive Operations Immediately After the Outbreak of War: The cooperative operation of the Army and Navy to occupy Guam
Recapturing Guam
Sketches from Guam
The 957th Day
The Ghost of Guam
Why The Japs Held Guam


A pocket guide to Hawaii
Life on the Hawaii Front: National Geographic

History of U.S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II, Volume 2

Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal
Isolation of Rabaul
Central Pacific Operations
Western Pacific Operations
Victory and Occupation

Hong Kong

Hong Kong 1941 (movie)

Iwo Jima

A Very Important Prisoner
Battlewagon Off Iwo
Bloody Iwo(film)
Flags of Our Fathers(film)
Heroes of Iwo Jima(film)
Intelligence Bulletin Photos
Intelligence Bulletin: Captured Things
Island of Terror
Iwo D+8 (Yank magazine)
Iwo Jima
Iwo Jima (film)
Iwo Jima (Life magazine)
Iwo Jima: Japan's prime minister Naoto Kan visits mass graves on the island
Iwo Jima and Okinawa
Iwo Jima Radio found
Japan sends search team to find remains of Iwo Jima dead
Letters from Iwo Jima(film)
Lost Evidence: Iwo Jima
Mount Suribachi (Yank magazine>
So Sad to Fall in Battle
Target Suribachi(film)
The Battle for Iwo Jima)
The Famous Iwo Flag Raising (Life magazine)
To The Shores of Iwo Jima(film)
Uncommon Valor, Common Virtue

Java Sea

Invasion Fleet Challenged
Java photos


Jap Rule in the Hermit Nation (M)
Under the Black Umbrella
When My Name Was Keoko


Old Kyoto (Yank Magazine)


Battle for Leyte Gulf(film)
G-2 Operations on Leyte (Intelligence Bulletin)
Guerrillas on Leyte (Yank Magazine)
Jap Defenses on Leyte (Intelligence Bulletin)
Landing at Ormoc (Yank magazine)
Lost Evidence: Leyte
Leyte Lessons (Intelligence Bulletin)
Notes on Leyte (Intelligence Bulletin
Leyte, June 1944-January, 1945

Los Angeles

Invasion Jitters

Los Negros

Los Negros (Yank Magazine)
MacArthur on Los Negros Island


Fightin' 69th
Lessons from Makin
Lost in Head-Hunter Country
Random notes from a reporter


Battle off Malay (You Tube)


Indian Ocean Area
Japanese War Objectives
Kiska Harbor
Manchuria/part of Japan
Pacific Theater Battles
Stalemate in Asia
Targets in Japan
The Siege of Asia
Weaknesses in Jap Setup


Battle for the Marianas (film)
Clash of the Carriers: The Marianas Turkey Shoot
Marianas Classroom
The Marianas (Yank magazine)
The Turkey Shoot (film)

Marshall Islands

Aleutians, Gilberts and Marshalls
Attack on the Marshalls(film)
Eniwetok March 31, 1944 Yank magazine
Kwajalein photo
Marshall Islands (film)
Our New Military Wards, the Marshalls
Marshall/Gilberts Islands photos
Marshalls Massacre
Raid on the Marshalls (Yank magazine)
Raiding hte Marshalls (Yank magazine)
Speeding Up the Attack: The Marshalls(film)
The Battle of Kwajalein Atoll
The Conquest of Micronesia(film)
The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:Eastern Mandates June 1944
Yank Magazine 12/22/44


Battle of Midway (You Tube)
Coral Sea, Midway and Submarine Actions
Incredible Victory (book)
Japs Trimmed to Size (Yank magazine)
Midway and Coral Sea Battles (film)
Midway and the finding of the Yorktown(film)
Midway Inquest
Midway is East(film)
Midway Training Film
The Battle of Midway
The Battle of Midway(film)
The Day That Shook The World
Torpedo Squadron 8, etc. (Life magazine)
Vengeance at Midway


The Last Campaign: Mindanao
Mindanao, on the Road to Tokyo



New Britain

20 Minutes From Rabaul
A B-24 Looks for Trouble
Attack on Arawa
Rabaul, New Britain

New Caledonia

Bull Session in New Caledonia
Caledonia Yanks Want Action (Yank magazine)
Noumea (Yank magazine)
Pocket Guide to New Caledonia
War-awakened New Caledonia

New Georgia

Clip 1
Clip 2
Five Day Attack on Hastings Ridge
Infantry Battle in New Georgia
New Georgia One Year Later
Yanks Free Chinese Workers

New Guinea

Alarm for Japs
Aussie Scouts
Battleground (Yank magazine)
Cleanup in New Guinea
Destruction on the Driniumor
Even Cooks are Unsung Heroes
Fight for New Guinea
Find Roller Coasters Tame?
GI's Daily Menu in New Guinea
He Killed 40 Japs
Jap Prisoners Think MacArthur Dead
Letter from New Guinea
Medals to Three Negroes
Mess of Destruction
Infantrymen in New Guinea
In the Jungles of New Guinea
Invasion of Palau Islands
Jap Prisoners Sketched at Hospital
Japs Trapped in New Guinea
Jungle Warfare Offers Challenge to Hollywood
MacArthur Fights Back
Mac Arthur's Greatest Secret
Medics are Tough in New Guinea
Melanesian Nightmare
New Guinea and the Marianas
New Guinea Casualty
No Glamor Here
One Nice Jap
Picnic at Sansapor
Push-over at Holandia
Rescue from Shangra-La
Rings Around Rabaul(film)
Stepping Stones to the Philippines
Sunset Division Eclipses Japanese
The Road Back: New Guinea(film)
The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:New Guinea; 24 January 1943 - 31 December 1944
Weapon of Denial: Air Power and the Battle for New Guinea
Weapon of Denial: Air Power and the Battle for New Guinea
When the Infantry Went to Sea
Yanks at Home Abroad

New Hebrides

New Hebrides; National Geographic, Aug. 1944

Northern Solomons

The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:Northern Solomons; 22 February 1943 to 21 November 1944


A Bad Night
A Shipboard Marine's Okinawa Diary
Americans Battle for Okinawa
At Japan's Doorstep: Okinawa(film)
Jap Combat Tactics
Jap Infiltration Tactics (Intelligence Bulletin
Lost Evidence: Okinawa
Okinawa 1945
Okinawa: Killing Ground on Kunishi Ridge
Okinawa: The Last Battle(film)
Okinawa: The Last Ordeal
Okinawa:Life Magazine
Okinawa, Threshold to Japan
Okinawa (You Tube)
Okinawa (You Tube)
Okinawa (You Tube)
Ordeal at Okinawa
Song of the Canefield (Okinawa, Japanese civilian viewpoint)(film)
Soundless Clips
The Fleet that Came to Stay (Okinawa, American viewpoint)(film)
The Ghosts of Okinawa
The Girl With the White Flag
The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:Ryukyus; 26 March to 2 July 1945
Tunnels of Okinawa


Power Play at Palau (Yank magazine)


The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:Papua


The Bloody Hills of Peleliu(film)
The forgotten battle of the Pacific War quite possibly wasn't needed at all The Liberation of the Philippines: Luzon, Mindanao, the Visayas 1944 and 1945
Lost Evidence: Peleliu
Personal Perspectives on Peleliu
To The Far Side of Hell: The Battle for Peleliu, 1944
Two If By Sea(film)

Philippines (Luzon, Leyte, etc.)

Activities in the Philippines(film)
A Forgotten Story of World War 2 (You Tube)
Back to the Philippines(film)
Back to the Philippines (Yank magazine)
Bataan and Corregidor
Battle of Manila (You Tube)
Cave Warfare on Luzon (Yank Magazine)
Cebu photo
Facts About the Philippines
The Fall of the Philippines: The War in the Pacific
Hike to Manila
How Japs Treated the Philippinos
Invasion of Morotai Island(film)
I Was There(film)
Japanese Invasion of the Philippines (You Tube)
Japanese Occupation in the Philippines 1941-1945 (You Tube)
Life, January 22, 1945
Life, February 19, 1945
Life, April 2, 1945
Lost Evidence: Luzon
Manila Conquered (Life magazine)
Manila Myrtle
Manila newsreel
Naval Battle of the Philippines(film)
Ormoc Landings(film)
Philippine Invasion Items
Philippines Advance
Phillippines (film)
PTs in the Philippines
Remembering Bataan (You Tube)
Return of the Allies(film)
Return to Luzon (Yank Magazine)
Second Battle of Philippine Sea
Stories from the Philippines (Yank magazine)
The Final Graveyard(film)
The U.S. and the Philippines(film)
The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:Leyte; 17 October 1944 to July 1945
The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:LUZON; 15 December 1944 to 4 July 1945
The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II: Philippine Islands; 7 December 1941 to 10 May 1942
The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:Southern Philippines; 27 February to4 July 1945
They Remained: Filipino Guerrillas in World War II
They Were Expendable Trailer
Three Years on Luzon (Yank Magazine)
The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II:Western Pacific; 15 June 1944 to2 September 1945
What Luzon Means to Uncle Sam
Yank Magazine Aug. 24, 1945


Air Battle over Rabaul (You Tube)
Rabaul photos


Jinx Flight


Battle of the Pacific movie
Bird's-Eye View of Saipan
Every Move Seen
Fighting on Saipan
Island of Destiny (Saipan and Tinian)
Japanese raid Saipan B-29 base(film)
Jap Hunt on Saipan
Japs Attack Carrier Force
Jap Use of Caves (Intelligence Bulletin)
Lost Evidence: Saipan
Saipan newsreel
Saipan and other islands (film clip)
Saipan and Tinian 1944: Piercing the Japanese Empire
South from Saipan, National Geographic, April, 1945


Surprise Off Savo


Singapore photos


50 Minutes of Hell
Battle of Saipan (You Tube)
In the Solomons-Fresh Blood
Hot Saturday Over Saipan
Munda Outpost(film)
Munda Trail
Up the Solomons(film)
Round 3 in the Solomons
Saga of the Solomons
Thatch Run
Yanks Visit Abandoned Base


Death Battle at Tarawa
I Was There(film)
Life, Dec. 6, 1943
Lost Evidence: Tarawa
Makin and Tarawa(film)
With the Marines at Tarawa (film)


Tinian Experiment


30 Seconds Over Tokyo trailer
Bombing Tokyo newsreel
Destination Tokyo
Doolittle Raid
On To Tokyo (Life magazine)


Raid on Truk (You Tube)
Rescue at Truk
Truk newsreel

Wake Island

Carrier Strike on Wake Island (M)
Guns and Turrets jammed
To Hell and Back: Wake During and After World War II (D)
Raid on Wake Island
Wake Island Defenders Get Help
Wake Island movie trailer


Lightning Strike: The Mission to Kill Yamamoto (B)

AAF In World War II

The AAF in WWII: Volume I (D) (Various areas and topics)(3/2008)
Volume IV (D) (3/2008)
Volume V (D) (3/2008)
U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II: Combat Chronology, 1941-1945 (D) (3/2008)
With Courage: The U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II (D) )

General Books

Combat: Pacific Theater
Combat: The War With Japan

Photo Collections

UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II: Pictorial Record; THE WAR AGAINST JAPAN (3/2008)(various battles and areas(film))

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