Sources about the Kamikaze


100 Million Hearts (fiction)
A Glorious Way To Die
At War With The Wind
Baka Bombs
Baka Bomb Photos
Blossoms in the Wind
Change in Suicide Doctrine
Ghosts in thet Fog
I Was A Kamikaze
Kamikaze Diaries
Kamikaze: Japan's Suicide Samurai
New Type of Suicide Plane
Specially Fitted Suicide Planes
The Day the Hornet Sank
The Last Kamikaze
The Sacred Warriors
Suicide Boats
Suicide Squads of World War II
The Divine Wind
Yank Magazine July 13, 1945


Hara-Kiri in Admiralties (You Tube)
Horror in the East: Death Before Surrender
Jap Planes Blasted by Navy Guns
Japanese Death Sqauadrons (You Tube)
Kamikaze (You Tube)
Kamikaze (You Tube)
Kamikaze (You Tube)
Kamikaze, clips set 1
Kamikaze, clips set 2
Kamikaze News Item (You Tube)
Kamkikaze: To Die For an Emperor
Kamikaze Tokko
Suicide Attacks (You Tube)
Suicide for Glory
The Cockpit (You Tube)
Ultimate Lethal Kamikaze attack missile weapon (You Tube)
Untold Stories of World War II

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