Sources on Pearl Harbor and the Start of the War

Books and Articles

Admiral Kimmel's Story
American Diaries: Janey G. Blue (fiction)
Countdown to Disaster
Day of Infamy Speech
Declaration of War
Failure of Intelligence
Floored by Not Kayoed
Kimmel's Hidden Agenda
The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor: A Novel of December 8th (Fiction)
Pearl Harbor on That Day and After
Pearl Harbor was 50 years ago, but do we know yet whose responsibility it was?
Photos Remember Pearl Harbor
Second Attack on Pearl Harbor
The Attack on Pearl Harbor: An Interactive History Adventure
The Doctrine of Surprise
The might-have-beens of Pearl Harbor (Military History Quarterly)
The Story of Pearl Harbor (Yank Magazine)
The Week Before Pearl Harbor
Tokyo, December 8, 1941
Why Weren't We Warned?


7 December 1941: The Air Force Story
The Attack on Pearl Harbor
Avenge December 7
Day of Infamy
December 7th
From Sword to Zero
Japanese Documentary
Legacy of Attack
Pearl Harbor Attack
Pearl Harbor Payback
Pearl Harbor: The View From Japan
Seconds From Disaster

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