Battleship Yamato's Final Battle

Much of this is without any narration. What narration there is, is in Japanese.

The Yamato

America attacks Okinawa.

Then it talks about how the B-29's were used to drop mines into Japanese waters. They also go into how B-29's were used to take photos of enemy positions.

The Yamato was assigned a suicide mission. The ship was to go down to Okinawa, fight the Americans as long as it could, then beach the ship and used it as a base for further battle. The problem with all this was that the ship had only enough fuel to reach Okinawa, and the Japanese military did not provide any air cover for the Yamato or any of the other ships that sailed in the group. This made them all vulnerable to an attack from the air which is just what happened. One would think that the Japanese high command would have tried to provide air cover since their Navy had already found out how many ships of theirs could be sunk by an American air attack.

There were other ships that sailed with the Yamato.

The fleet has set sail.

The Japanese launched some sea planes.

An American plane locates the Japanese fleet.

Planes are launched from American aircraft carriers.

The Yamato launches some of its larger shells at some American PBM planes shadowing the Japanese fleet.

A large force of American plans will participate in the attack.

The Japanese ships use anti-aircraft guns.

The battle then is shown with almost no narration.

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