Japan's Declaration of War

This is a You Tube video of the radio broadcast of Japan's declaration of war against the United States. There is only one image used throughout. This is from NBC radio. The next day is the day FDR spoke to Congress and declared war on Japan.

It's a little hard to make out some of what is being said. There's a reporter from the White House giving his report, noting a lot of people outside the White House. The Republicans said they would go along with what would be done. One said 'There is no politics here. There will be none.'

Whether or not there would be an actual declaration of war was still unknown. Then there's a report about Singapore being bombed. Then there's reports of Japanese bombing of Hawaii and he noted it was done without a declaration of war. Canada and the Netherlands East Indies had already declared war on Japan. Costa Rica has declared war. Nicaragua declared war and Mexico probably would the next day.

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