This is the Enemy (You Tube)

While this is shown we hear FDR's 'Day of infamy' speech. This set of images relates to Pearl Harbor.

The speech continues, but the images change in subject.

The speech fades out.

Scenes of war posters and the internment process with very nice music in the background.

Back to FDR talking, this time part of the Four Freedoms speech.

The first of his list was the freedom of speech.

The second was the freedom of people to worship God in their own way.

The third was freedom from want.

The fourth is freedom from fear.

I've seen this referred to before, but this is the first time I've seen an actual, very high quality photo of one of the dumb things.

Two images of prejudice, followed by one from the evacuation process.

This is something I hadn't heard of before.

The video's maker even includes a complete list of addresses where the photos and music were obtained from.

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