Eyes Behind Belligerence

This is a rather long e-book that covers the lives of a couple specific families during their stay in Manzanar. The story covers their lives before they ended up in the camp, their lives during their time in the camp and a little afterwards.

The two main characters are Jim and Russell. Jim is not a nice person and once in the camp his attitude grows really, really bad. Russell and he don't get along but at least Russell is a nicer person. Basically the story covers the various things that happened at Manzanar including the violence.

Also included is the initial time just after Pearl Harbor and how the FBI can around and arrested some people and confiscated various items even though they did not have any warrants to do either. The 'evacuation' is described and how all the people were forced to go to assembly camps and then internment camps, again all of this being done totally illegally.

The problems between the Issei and the Nisei (first group born in the U.S.) are covered along with examples of prejudice before the Japanese Americans were put into camps. The story also shows how the families tended to get split apart in the camps.

The split between those who were willing to join the military and those who weren't were covered. There's a lot more that is covered and pretty well represents the entire story of what happened to the Japanese Americans as told through some fictional participants.

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