Santa Fe, New Mexico

This was a Justice Department camp.

This camp was operated from February 1942 through September , 1946 and was to hold people of Japanese ancestry from the U.S., Alasaka, Hawaii, Latin America and the Pacific Islands. In addition, 866 internees were transferred from Tule Luke who were renunciants (had given up their American citizenship) and 313 "troublemakers" were also transferred in. After 1942, German and Italian nationals were also held there.

April 2, 1942 letter about Japanese attitude in the camp.

Letter about the inspection of the camp on June 2, 1942

Letter about a camp inspection in 1945.

The camp originally held Japanese Issei from California. One died, and 523 were transferred to relocation centers and 302 to U.S. Army custody. The last of the Japanese interees left on September 24, 1942. It was then used for German and Italian nationals until February 1943 when they were transferred back to the Dept. of Justice. The Japanese Americans were moved back in and by June 1945 it held 2,100 whose average age was 53.

Nothing remains of the camp today.

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