Amachi High newspaper

The full copies of these are available on Densho. There are some missing, though.

Feb. 24, 1943

Page 1: Commencement to be held; nine elected for society; grads honored by recent prom; cartoon.

Page 2: Will of Graduates; editorial.

Pages 3 through 6: Short biographical sketches of seniors

Vol. 1 #1: November 23, 1943

The first issue uses this as its masthead.

Page 1: School co-op opens for business; social committee selected; Lamar donates more magazines; an article on the superintendent.

Page 2: Thanksgiving; Patterns in the Dust column; article on the senior high principal.

Page 3: Navy gets teacher; more books available; Classroom News column; orchestra entertains; meow, meow column.

Page 4: Sports.

Vol. 2 #1: March 8, 1943

The masthead has changed.

Page 1: Constitution is submitted; Biolosics win contest; co-op meeting.

Page 2: Editorial; brief It bits; awards code set up.

Page 3: Constitution and contest articles continue; flag ceremony; co-op notices; homemaking club organized.

Page 4: Speech class forms club; art exhibit; 'sad case, you know it'; Miss Beaver talks to Spanish class; school play; Ag. I, II students receive wages.

Page 5: editorials, exchange dept.

Page 6: Sports.

Page 7: Cartoon.

Vol. 2 #4: April 19, 1943

Page 1: New school opens in May; quarterly report to be mailed; reports from student council; new senior class officers; drama club to meet; yearbook plans to be drawn up by committee; press club selects head.

Page 2: Editorials; brief It bits; letters to the editor.

Page 3: Patterns in the dust column; meow, meow column; letter.

Page 4: Future homemakers; meeting called; student council; new head of Amache Forum; Manzanar senior class officials; four from Amache at state contest; new organization begins; auction held; future farmers started here; articles made by woodworkers.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Cartoons.

Vol. 2 #5: May 3, 1943

Page 1: Annual staff members listed; Seki to head science club; junior class heads elected; Amacheites compete in meet; future farmers organized here.

Page 2: Letters to the editor; brief It bits; junior class meeting held; article about Amache written; commercial teacher leaves Amache; annual staff article continues.

Page 3: Patterns in the Dust column; meow, meow column; what would Amache be without sameshima?

Page 4: Sports.

Page 5: Cartoon.

Vol. 2 #6: May 17, 1943

Page 1: Student relocation council members speak to students; seniors to be interviewed; brief It bits; Amache forum holds election; awards system about ready.

Page 2: Editorials; classroom news.

Page 3: Patterns in the Dust column; Buzzard no. 3 is all reet; plus one column that doesn't have a name.

Page 4: Sports.

Page 5: Sports; senior home room interview results.

Page 6: Cartoon.

Vol. 3 #7: Jan. 14, 1944

Page 1: New National Honor Society members to be announced; board members visit Amache; N.H.S. president elected; mid-term prom; plans set up for local Hi-Y; Los Allegrias select new members.

Page 2: Senior Will; meow, meow column.

Pages 3 through Page 6: -Winter Grads of 1944.

Pages 7 and 8: Sports.

Vol. 3 #8: Jan. 31, 1944

Page 1: Amache Hi to be granted Quill and Scroll charter; seniors order class sweaters; campus kanteen opened Wednesday; new vice-principal; Los Allegrias sponsor 'march of dimes'; Johnson featured at school assembly.

Page 2: Editorial, letter to the editor, Duz-its hold election; book review; sophs plan leap-year dance; WRA officials now visiting.

Page 3: Patterns in the Dust column; Meow, Meow column; when he sings.

Page 4: 'Words are magical things'; to bookworms; xchange.

Page 5: Johnson's speech, cont.; Konishi awarded scholarship; Weber speaks to senior G.F. classes; handy man leaves for Pueblo; pre-relocation class; Amachi Hi band captain.

Page 6 through 8: Sports.

Page 9: Cartoon.

Vol. 3 #9: Feb. 29, 1944

Page 1: Girl to be S.B. president; Quill and Scroll members chosen; 18 Amachi students drafted; second-semester general ed. representatives are elected.

Page 2: Editorial; letter.

Page 3: Patterns in the Dust, Meow, Meow columns.

Page 4: Story - It's Snowing; Muranga Mops prexy.

Page 5: Our ambitious alumni; requests made by library staff; Brief It Bits; homemaking; letter.

Page 6: X-change; radio play presented to student body; two attend Hi-Y conference; Las Allegrias to hold election; kaleidoscope dept. holds election; sophomores plan social; La Ninas social to be tonight.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Revote results.

Vol. 3 #10: March 14, 1944

Page 1: March 24 is date set for Amachi Hi spring concert; seniors elect new officers; rhythm show; S.B. officers installed; sophs plan St. Pat's social.

Page 2: Editorials; letters to the editor; Satow guest speaker at student assembly; calendar of events.

Page 3: Patterns in the Dust and Meow, Meow columns; letter.

Page 4: Las Allegrias president; kampus kanteen in gym Friday; new press prexy; Spanish Club elects president; Lieutenant Tashiro addresses boys; girls' glee sing at Christian church; Hi-Y delegates return from Denver.

Page 5: Brief It Bits; art instructor leaves; exchanges; letter from Chicago; Miss Kraus speaks to business class; new books arrive at senior high library.

Page 6: Sports.

Page 7: Sports.

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