ROAR, the Junior High School newspaper

Volume 3 #7: January 12, 1945

The paper's masthead.

This issue is 4 pages long. The paper is pretty much standard, except it has an article on church attendance. A lot of the paper is about things done during Christmas, and about exams that were coming up at the time.

Volume 3 #8: January 26, 1945

Four pages long; includes list of Homeroom representatives.

Volume 3 #9: February 9, 1945

A very interesting later. What isn't clear is whether the girls were using Japanese-style marching, or American-style marching.

The school has a good selection of clubs.

This issue is six pages long.

Volume 3 #10: February 23, 1945

This issue is four pages long.

I think this is a very questionable cartoon. It seems to say that violence is okay in school.

Then, on a different page, there is this 'joke.' I know that prejudice against blacks was stronger back then, but I still highly question the use of such a joke in a school paper. Actually, I also question the use of the above cartoon. Wasn't there a faculty advisor for the paper who looked over things before they were published?

Volume 3 #11: March 9, 1945

This one was four pages long.

By today's standards, this cartoon would be considered sexist.

Volume 3 #12: March 23, 1945

This issue was four pages long. The main headline was that the National Honor Society was sponsoring a war stamp drive. The issue also lacked any cartoons.

Volume 3 #13: April 6, 1945

This issue is four pages long.

Another 'unusual' cartoon.

Volume 3 #14: April 20, 1945

This issue is four pages long.

Another questionable cartoon.

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