Granada Pioneer V.1 #36-40

Vol. 1 #36: February 11, 1943

Page 1: Sign-ups to be speeded; newspapers favorable; $485 of bonds and stamps are sold here.

Page 2: Prospective nurses aides called for interviews; Town Hall Talk column; calendar; cameras may be available; seek relatives of dead man; dance tickets on sale; wants ads; Robert Gross to give two concerts.

Page 3: Lordsburg detention camp life described; household goods here; Post's sports editor visits; Thumbnail Sketches column; owners who may claim banned articles listed; head change delay checks; Iki triumphs in close vote.

Page 4: Bennison in special work; new disposal cans arrive; genuine gold plate; vital statistics; families join administrators; subsistence payments asked; alfalfa man visits center; Ninomiya adds seven; YBA plans hike; church schedule; an engagement.

Pages 5, 6: Sports.

Pages 7, 8: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #37: February 13, 1943

Page 1: Consumer Enterprise Edition. Co-op drive opens Monday; fireman climbs 90 foot pole to rescue flag; registration continues; Walther to give talk; consumer enterprise meetings scheduled; community mixer planned Monday.

Page 2: High school co-op pays dividends to members; visitors; Y's way column; jobs open in Trinidad again; farm front.

Page 3: Community council gives support to co-operative; 15 co-op books here; new classes to start; forum draws large crowd; sale of canned goods to be stopped Feb. 20; Muto takes job at Utah college; Ehcamas chosen as 7G club name.

Page 4: Ten questions about co-operatives; large gain shown by co-op for January; Short Takes column.

Page 5: Amache Church News; importance of library in center life is stressed.

Page 6: Between Us Girls column; students get friendly reception in Minnesota; NSRC office to be transferred; many leave for college; head chefs learn rationing rules; tax classes conducted; friends of dead man are sought.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Sports.

Page 9: Cartoon.

Pages 10, 11: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #38: February 16, 1943

Page 1: 7425 Hawaiian Nisei volunteer; older men to report; poultry project to be started on Koen ranch; ration books to be issued; four sons in armed forces.

Page 2: Town Hall Talk column; director gives dinner; calendar; Short Takes column.

Page 3: More jobs now open; shoe certificates now being issued at 8F store; post office announces shift in mail truck schedule; pay checks distribution; education head here; unclaimed mail being held at post office; new bridge classes open; Enterprises' sales large; waffle party given recently.

Colorado kills bill.

Page 4: Thumbnail Sketches column; cakes offered as prizes in victory concert drive; call residents for interviews; CL confab discussed; Radcliffe and Mead return; photos of Nisei soldiers shown; Boy Scouts give valentine party.

Pages 5, 6: Sports.

Pages 7, 8: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #39: February 18, 1943

Page 1: Army's program to be explained; many women volunteer; pastors grant use of hall; men must register; new moving picture due; co-op to give refunds; administrators in addresses; calendar.

Page 2: Town Hall Talk column; editorials; violinists performance acclaimed by audience; Walther speaks to Denver group; vital statistics.

Page 3: Y's way column; store open evenings; rules for bicyclists; students get warm welcome; plan concert for Monday; Araians initiate six; church services.

Page 4: Pastor gets letter from Sgt. Nishitsuji; GI sales postponed; two teachers leave center; nurserymen and gardeners needed; Short Takes column; rustlings from other centers column.

Where Amache students were attending college (page 5).

Page 6: Sports.

Pages 7, 8: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #40: February 20, 1943

Page 1: 7E leads in drive; induction to end; registration to continue; calendar; concert scheduled.

Page 2: Letter to the editor; Town Hall Talk column; jungle film to be shown; schedule corrected.

Page 3: Between Us Girls column; group to give plays; officials visit center; Y's way column; police make office shift; court of honor postponed; store to remain open.

Page 4: Passes to Granada and Lamar limited to 25; pictures may be obtained now; patronage refund

credit to be given customers; church activities; Tada, Hoshino attend school; beauty shop closes today; Y groups plan joint meeting; church schedule.

Page 5: Evacuees asked to sell idle farm machinery; Bullseye; visitors; railroad calls for 50 men; enlistment importance stressed at meetings; feeding floor being constructed; Bauman inspects post exchange.

Page 6: Sports.

Page 7: Lil' Neebo cartoon.

Pages 8, 9: In Japanese.

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