Granada Pioneer V.1 #66-70

Vol. 1 #66: May 19, 1943

Page 1: OPA price ceiling explanation made; apprentice training open; hats off to.; equipment to arrive; YWCA girls attend summer camp; volunteers to get notice soon; federation women to meet; calendar; counselor here; Berry leaves.

Page 2: Editorial; Short Takes; job opportunities; Granada store sells fish here; vital statistics.

Page 3: country told Army Nisei won't jeopardize coast; war is funny-at times; Nisei move into essential jobs; evacuees go east to settle; Dies committee to investigate camp; six point program outlined; visiting soldiers.

Page 4: Y's way; cartoon; Academy Award winner slated; YBA social scheduled; Bussei forum to be held; vital statistics; membership cards available now.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Unit supervisors.

Page 7: Farm Front; explanation given on agricultural program; scrap metal sold to highest bidder; inspection tour of farms made; Gila farm projects yield much produce; U.S. produces 25% of sugar consumed; transfers.

Page 8: Vegetable acreages on farm are listed; 850 Mexicans arrive to work in beet fields; war prisoners may be used.

Page 9: Feed crop and grain program under way; farm equipment shipped to Gila; comprehensive plans for poultry project set.

The high schools farm area.

Page 10: Fennell tells his purpose; Thumbnail Sketches; poultry farm cont.

Page 11: Lil' Neebo cartoon.

Pages 12-19: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #67: May 22, 1943

Page 1: Sanitation rules given; seek six instructors; calendar; 3 youths sentenced; may apply for seized articles; reduce gas allottment; Radamaker here; visit center; volunteers leave.

Page 2: Short Takes; letter to the editor; recreation income expenses statement; visiting soldiers.

Page 3: Japanese resettlers featured by news; first Washington DC volunteer; segregation of Japanese starts; patients may be removed;

More false rumors.

Curfew law.

Page 4: Hours listed by hospital; Cody center has given 'no trouble'; troop 162 holds social; new confinement center created; church schedule; engagement; Smith to speak; fellowship; Seicho-no-uye; Sunday school; vital statistics; Bussei social; lost & found.

Page 5: Job opportunities; cartoon; new plan to speed up relocation program; auto mechanics should register.

Page 6: Thumbnail Sketches; summer vacation plans discussed; books listed for children; all workers are subject to call; senior high list activities.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Sgt. Ozaki wishes to be first Yank on Japanese soil; Funita family being sought; Eleanor Roosevelt is criticized; purchasers here for floor mats; News prints letter; Manzanar votes down beer sale; uniforms issued to center workers; Blake visits.

Curfew law again.

Page 9: Lil' Neebo cartoon.

Page 10-15: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #68: May 26, 1943

Page 1: Commissions are remote; restrictions eased on Army employment; mock air raid held; apply for special placement now; employment efforts made; Crystal City description given; no trouble if all were like Amache.

Page 2: Letter to the editor; new time set, baby check-up; job opportunities.

California again.

Page 3: Thumbnail Sketches; movies; release slowly; Gross visits.

Two articles.

Page 4: Plans for hostel; scrip books sold; Y's way; deadline set; Church services and news.

Court decision praised.

Washington this time.

Page 5: Relocation report given; cartoon; visiting soldiers; transfers; lost & found; vital statistics; Roberts praises Naval instructors; boy born.

Page 6: Sports.

Page 7: Lil' Neebo cartoon.

Pages 8-11: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #69: May 29, 1943

Page 1: Nakano tries to end life; drawing; co-op sets check charge; food allotment is decreased; Boy Scouts to conduct ceremony; determine steps to speed induction.

Page 2: Editorial; Short Takes; over abundance of spinach seen; enagement; vital statistics; N.Y. Times prompts Nisei resettlement.

Page 3: Negotiations for internees; movies; Nisei soldier seized on Java; WPB bans special types of garments; SC survey finds much machinery; Hosokawa writes on resettlement.

Against prejudice.

Page 4: Tea planned by Blue Star mothers; church services and news; weddings; YWCA work camp girls to meet.

Page 5: Thumbnail sketches; boys club sponsors Spring hop; hospital starts classes in June; evangelist opens second series; job opportunities.

Page 6: Sports.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #7069: June 2, 1943

Page 1: Hanson asks address of all who relocate; high school on accredited list; 1380 persons leave Amache; Horn leaves on Washington trip; no more passes to Hideaway Lake; NYA program canceled for evacuees; deadline is set for nominations; birth.

Page 2: Town Hall Talk; editor; letter to the editor; would recruit 8 male translators.

Page 3: Contributors for magazine wanted; calendar; Issei night at 8E; Umekubo succeeds; censor comittee for programs named; all 17-year-olds must register; transfers must pay own expenses; movies; center pays only production costs; girl wins award; transfers; visiting soldiers; lost & found; vital statistics.

Page 4: Y's way; Boy Scouts flag ceremony; high school hop; YWCA girls given leave procedures; wedding; church services and news.

Page 5: Baby food-no special diets; 12E residents help on farm; Thumbnail Sketches; take course in auto mechanics; added duties; attends funeral; job opportunities.

Page 6: Sports.

Page 7: Lil' Neebo cartoon/calendar.

Pages 8-11: In Japanese.

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