Granada Pioneer V.1 #106-112

Vol. 1 #106: Oct. 6, 1943

Page 1: Third polio victim; new system delays August checks; war loan drive totals $15,281; frost damages farm crops; clothing checks for Tuleans here; Nisei troops in Italy prove they are real Americans.

Girl injured by gun pellet.

Page 2: To The Boss; Baltimore office opened for resettlement; relocation; wanted; attention.

This person wants all Nisei discharged from the service.

Page 3: Japanese problem and the election; harvest season in full swing; 14 more needed for Chicago; first mainland Nisei to don merchant marine uniform; new arrivals to receive lumber.

Page 4: Service men given luncheon; job opportunities; church news; Rustlings from other Camps.

Page 5: Safety patrol is organized; former Amacheans are popular in Idaho; bond drive cont; recruits more teachers; prep football to start soon; over 100 girls turn out for GAA; accidents; sports.

Pages 6-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #107: Oct. 9, 1943

Page 1: Chief Campbell extends thanks; Terry joins Navy; Tsujiharas lead in relocation; 38 relocators to board 'Chicago special' coach; Akiyama suffers no racial discrimination in Kansas City; co-op membership meeting postponed; chief nurse Folda goes to Tule Lake.

Page 2: Letters to the editor; The Polio Situation; vital statistics; visiting soldiers; indoor sports are scheduled.

Page 3: 'Take a chance' evacuees receive best job offers; Akiyama cont; need workers for landscaping job; job opportunities; wanted.

Page 4: Disloyals will be sent back to Japan; 961 enrolled in night school; mistrust lies in evacuation; Rustlings from other Centers; missionary worker recruited here; relocate in Chicago area; lost & found.

Page 5: Sports; relocation; 9K, 11K schools to close until Monday; PTA members to visit center; relocation.

Page 6: Post office list of mail and packages for Tuleans.

Page 7: Lil' Neebo cartoon.

Pages 8-11: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #108: Oct. 13, 1943

Page 1: Removal of ban is indefinite; 'Chicago Special' coach departs with 31 relocators; co-op stores will not close; checks for second contingent here.

Two youths caught terrorizing the Japanese Americans.

Page 2: Job opportunities; Letters to the Editor; visiting soldiers; carload of cabbage; Yokoi is assistant PE instructor; college-age confab.

Page 3: Sports; to rent temple stored goods must be disposed; libraries to hold program; vital statistics; 'Chicago Special' cont; Boulder fails to repeal policy.

Page 4: Library hours; U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposes confiscation of enemy property; Nisei evacuee gets doctor's license; Rustlings from other Centers; schedule two noted speakers; accidents.

Page 5: Scouts urged to register; two leave for Denver; Hats Off; Ishii pays a visit here; scholarship fund; relocation; WRA restrictions prohibit ads.

Page 6: 3600 lbs. habucha produced on farms; hospital news; wanted; farewell dinner given to Terry; may still enroll for English class; farm sends three carloads of cabbage; community analyst article.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #109: Oct. 16, 1943

Page 1: May lift ban on nursery schools; 13 families left in rec halls; statistician from Washington inspects center; co-ops form centralized purchasing organization; polio; workers' mess may open Nov. 1; Nisei soldiers in Italy rescue 22 American paratroopers.

Page 2: Letters from the Editor; libraries slate program for Thursday; workers' mess rules released; visiting soldiers; job opportunities.

Page 3: Vandals loot temples, damage evacuee property; Just Incidentally; relocation; changes in adult classes released; vital statistics; describes conditions in Detroit.

Page 4: Nicholson to speak; Mitchell thanks fire department; make reports on chimney defects; Rustlings from other Centers; another load of cabbage shipped; Scouts collect one-gallon jugs.

Page 5: Johnnie presents; casaba practice gets underway; Nisei encounter no confusion; gym classes take calisthenics; need teachers for nursery school; Kumagai's prove their loyalty under pressure.

Page 6: Three vacancies in welding class; hospital news; job opportunities; co-ops open office in New York city; community analyst article continues from last issue.

Page 7: Lil' Neebo cartoon.

Pages 8-11: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #110: Oct. 20, 1943

Page 1: Fourth polio case confirmed; August checks await Tuleans; vacated rooms set for Tuleans; new shoe shop opens Thursday; co-op meeting slated; Nisei youth apprehended by FBI for taking photographs of a restricted area.

Page 2: Editorials; short circuit causes fire; in appreciation; visiting soldiers.

Page 3: Nisei doughboys land in Italy; absence disrupts Pioneer staff; Johnnie Presents; vaccination for whooping cough; Domoto makes survey of southern states; accident.

Page 4: New Y club for juniors planned; letter received via Red Cross; Rustlings from other Centers; Relocation.

Anti-Japanese propaganda.

Page 5: High school co-op; engagement; Y's Way; new teachers at junior high; wanted; postponment of library program; casaba leagues formed at high; mission postponed; parents warned exit children.

Page 6: Job opportunities; hosptial news; vital statistics; community analyst series cont.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #111: Oct. 23, 1943

Page 1: Ban on all activities may be limited if no new polio cases; apply for ration books early; new WRA instruction to be issued today; patronage checks must be cashed; may set up dental clinic at school; polio cases to be sent to Denver hospital; new superintendent.

Page 2: Editorial; Incidentally; library hours.


Page 3: Army, Navy offer specialized training for Nisei citizens; Bollinger to aid scholars; farm section to lose secretary; carload of beets Minidoka bound; housing problem hits another snag; new superintendent; job opportunities.

Page 4: Emergency hazards must be removed; Rustlings from other Centers; eviction of Kumagis encounter opposition; Mop's new prexy; 21,000 loyal Nisei released.

Page 5: Johnnie Presents; lumber for Tuleans delayed; Nisei in combat zones lauded.

School prejudice.

Page 6: Decline shown in hospital patients; visiting soldiers; WRA relocation office opened in Pennsylvania; rope climbing added to boys P.E.; relocation; Boys' League cabinet head.

Japanese sabotage claim.

Page 7: Lil' Neebo.

Pages 8-11: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #112: Oct. 27, 1943

Page 1: Shopping passes available; polio patients must remain; aid in legal matters offered; detachment leaves for Heart Mt.; first autumn social scheduled at high school gym; block managers name directors; serve chicken on Halloween; workers needed.

Page 2: Incidentally; letters to the editor.

Page 3: Radios, cameras arrive here; leval service; schools closed until Monday; nursing course to be offered; personnel directors selected; firemen remove weed hazards; visiting soldiers.

Page 4: Y's way; lauds loyalty of 70,000 Nisei; fire destroys alfalfa field; association donates $115.40 in prizes for agricultural fair.

Page 5: Johnnie presents; job opportunities; church services; church news.

Page 6: Gila building warship models; 175 relocators impress Rockford News writer; school thanks volunteer workers; Rustlings from other Centers; boys dance to honor Tuleans; Anaheim council passes resolution.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

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