Granada Pioneer V.2 #21-25

Vol. 2 #21: Jan. 15, 1944

Page 1: Drastic cut in center employment; Chicago evacuee conference with Myer postponed; third exchange of US-Japan nationals under negotiation; Smith to check Army camps for project use vehicles; 18-24 age group leads in number employed in center; future Americans must have education.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; Casey comments on protests against Nisei land purchases; co-op to hold meeting today; Katz returns from Denver confab; relocation.

Page 3: 15 AG boys leave Sunday; school flag pole dedication ceremony set; center employment cont; movies; war industry jobs open to Nisei; job opportunities; new movie schedule; to check vehicles con.

Page 4: Elementary school council scrap paper project underway; four patients return to center; grade school lacks teachers; cards to be mailed; church news; comment favorably on Amache schools; church services.

Page 5: Nisei potpourri; may receive assistance in preparing tax forms; mid-term prom; 35 seniors are winter grads; employment cut cont; short takes.

Page 6: My Two Cents; appreciation fund distribution.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Page 9: Lil' Neebo.

Pages 10-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #22: Jan. 19, 1944

Page 1: Silk screen shop may receive contract to print diplomas for all WRA centers; Amache couple is co-winner of baby derby; local WRA staff sets war loan drive total at $14,234; Sumitomo bank petitions for 100 percent dividend; financial aid digest available; Army relinquishes Tule Lake rule; baggage hauling under motor pool.

Page 2: Letters to the Editor.

Page 3: Gala two-day talen revue; movies; reconstruction of ice skating rink underway; conducts speech adjustment class; free shows for center children scheduled; bridge tourney.

Page 4: Y's way; Montana offers many farming opportunities; special program for soldiers set; discussion topic; YMCA board established; aid offered in preparing 1943 tax returns; relocation; transfer.

Page 5: Nisei potpourri; more US Navy training poster orders received; Japanese prove good citizenship; housing section moves office; new welfare worker; gambling house operator arrested; visiting soldiers.

Page 6: Lt. Casey comments on Granada Pioneer.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Page 9: Sports; honor society; Amacheans leave for Seabrook; community enterprises financial statement.

Page 10: Co-op balance sheet; Nisei purchasing choice farms refuted by Pitt; eight evacuees teaching cadets.

Pages 11-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #23: Jan. 22 1944

Page 1: To Draft Nisei; relocation team to address meetings for 4-day period; 42 vehicles arrive from Camp Carson; Lil' Neebo has a tummy ache.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; cub advancement program slated; new dental head; relocation.

Page 3: March of Dimes drive starts; Short Takes; charges racial intolerance hinders relocation program; speaks Japanese very fluently; to sponsor 'night club'; movies; relocation team cont; Lil' Neebo ill cont.

Page 4: Y's way; little hope held for third exchange of US-Japan nationals; visiting soldiers; transfer; church schedule.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; Nisei status in Japan told by Capt. Rusch; Shirrell moves to Kansas City; purchase $87.85 worth of stamps; 12E drunkard is suspended.

Page 6: Boy Scouts financial statement; My Two Cents; cartoon.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #24: Jan. 26, 1944

Page 1: Special classes to aid Nisei; resettlement is evacuees' problem declares Fistre; Campbell to help revamp Ht. Mountain silk screen shop; indefinite leaves to Salt Lake, Denver area halted; three Amache families in route to Crystal City; pay and clothing checks from Tule to arrive soon; students boost March of Dimes.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; notify your draft board; checks for certificates of indebtedness to be mailed; gadget thieves caught in action; relocation.

Page 3: President's ball this Saturday; Amache high holds flag pole dedication; movies; Terborg to give relocation aid; pupils pushing paper campaign; service mothers to hold meeting; WRA officers hold policy conclave in Knsas City; Pioneer press conference a huge success; Gerrild to fill Moore's vacancy.

Page 4: Hospital news; Sino-Japanese harmony exists in Omaha area; women's society re-elects Kamiya; vital statistics; church news; church services.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; evacuee report on relocation in Northwest area unfavorable; fourth district court of honor set; co-op educational director named.

Page 6: My Two Cents; activity of Amacheans in war summarized; high school sports; sports.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Page 9: PFC. Omiya loses eyesight in Mediterranean campaign; program for soldiers held; consumer enterprises financial statement; Y's way.

Page 10: 50 Railroad workers needed in Montana; co-op's December balance sheet; six cubs win highest rank; 15 AG boys back from stock show.

Pages 11,12: Pros and Cons for draft of Nisei clarified.

Pages 13-16: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #24: Jan. 29, 1944

Page 1: Prowers county draft board reclassifies 150 Amacheans; WRA to be placed under Icke's jurisdiction; aliens must notify change of address; evacuee property policy revisions recommended;two -man relocation team arrives to give latest facts.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; another step; transfers.

'Hints' of violence.

Page 3: Scouts to receive community service ribbons tonight; Short Takes; movies; Pasadena board to induct Nisei before pre-war dads; talent revue postponed; 960 free movie passes issued to center children; stored goods to arrive soon; transfers; support March of Dimes by attending President's ball; evacuee property; visiting soldiers.

Page 4: My Two Cents; church news; church schedule; relocation.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; scrap paper drive going full speed; to hold important Red Cross meeting; kampus kanteen a real success; three education heads visit here; vital statistics; hospital news; co-op calling.

Pages 6-8: Sports.

Page 9: Lil' Neebo.

Pages 10-12: In Japanese.

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