Granada Pioneer Vol.2 #46-50

Vol. 2 #46: April 12, 1944

Page 1: New order provides Pullman accomadations for invalids; co-op canteen to close on Sundays; membership drive for Red Cross set; Turk to return from Capitol Hill; procedure to qualify as registered voter released; twenty more Amacheans inducted into U.S. Army; local WRA staff hits $496 in Red Cross Drive; Harbison resigns position.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; editorial.

Page 3: Troop 162 Scouts given promotion; sports; to address little theater group; movies; registration cont.; to all center organizations.

Page 4: Social Security board aids relocattees in time of emergency; Sands of Time; social held by varsity Indians; former worker is proud father; extend thanks; Terami speaks at Scout jamboree; church services.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; Hoffman here for fire check-up; record program set for Friday; job opportunities; letter of thanks.

Page 6: Hospital patients thank 8K block; CA expresses appreciation; editorial cont; Ama-chan; relocation.

Prejudice against JA farmer.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #47: April 15, 1944

Page 1: Horn expected to return Monday; 543 bid for purchase orders; must liquidate overtime; Uncle Sam calls seven Amacheans; procedure for alien parolee custody release outlined; group leaves for Crystal City; Pitt returns from Washington; 20 more placed in reserve corps; latest ruling shows leave with pay effective Feb. 22.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; Letter to the Editor; CA extends heartiest thanks.

Page 3: Talent parade moves to 9K; goh and shogi tourney slated; queen coronation at 'senior ball' tonight; unclaimed checks await relocatees; Nisei drowns in Pacific area; movies; win 10 free movie passes; Okubo honored at farewell dinner.

Page 4: Council news; Nisei injured at Cassino anxious to fight again; FFA president; Farm Front; to attend social work conference; relocation.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; Nisei soldier and WAC wife show patriotism.

Anti-farmer sentiment.

Page 6: Nisei Yank nails two Nazi tanks; Y's way; Barton joins nursing staff; church schedule; broad adult English program offered; transfers; former Stanford prof to teach.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: No letsdown of good job offers in Chicago area; student council starts campaign; club presents quiz program; visiting soldiers; Nisei aid metal refinery to win Army-Navy E award; library receives 100 new books; lost; needs volunteer for landscaping.

Page 9: Lil' Neebo.

Pages 10-13: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #48: April 19, 1944

Page 1: Selective Service examining team to visit Tule Lake; to start spinach harvesting soon; segregation movement to Tule Lake dates set; figures reveal 111 'complete' families relocate; 125 apartments needed for transferees from Jerome; 'Go For Broke' movie schedule.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; letters to the editor.

Page 3: Senior banquet set for Thursday; Turk returns to center duties; concert to be given by Matsuda; WRA examiners arrive here; movies; Sugiyamas set record; kids to see 'Make a Hit'; to abandon use of scrip books; 125 rooms needed cont.

Page 4: Walther named contest judge; junior high students to present 'parent's night'; homemaking tutor to attend confab; mutual appreciation; 15 senior girls placed in offices; important meeting slated Friday; church services; relocation.

Assault with a deadly weapon.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; job opportunities; Takaya named 44 'annual queen'; Amache Red Cross chapter pleads to give generously.

Page 6: Sands of Time; extend thanks; little discrimination found in Cleveland; job opportunities; Ama-chan cartoon.

Page 7: Lincoln school offers commercial training to Nisei; sports; 11 E block manager; draft resisters are stupid says Lt. Ozamoto; Tri-Delts slate benefit social; vital statistics.

Disobedient soldiers.

Page 8: Chief translator leaves Pioneer; high school annual editor selected; sports; to sponsor benefit dance; language tutors visiting center; requests no smoking at shows; jobs available for grape culturists and processors; first edition of 'Kaledioscope' slated for May; farm mess opening date indefinite; segregation cont; lost.

Page 9: WRA won't be stampeded into undemocration , inhuman action.

Page 10: Letters to the editor cont.; no stampeding cont.

More anti-farmer prejudice.

Pages 11-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #49: April 22, 1944

Page 1: 43 Amacheans Florida bound; segregation to be discussed; application forms for voters issued; draft presents employment office 'terrific headache;' inductees may relocate families in northern Utah; machienery starts rolling to solve housing problem.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; editorial; letter to the editor.

Page 3: Concert artist Matsuda's complete program released; talent show features drama; Knodel attends Chicago confab; transfer into new building; absentee voting cont; movies; housing problem cont.

Draft resisters.

Page 4: Job offers for 64 Nisei at Kansas Army Air base; students donate famine money; Halliday speaks on civil service; Dakan joins Navy; employment cont; Sentinel pleads to jailed Nisei to enter Army; job opportunities; Florida bound cont.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; advocates community rule on alien return; summer schools start June 12; parents offer their services; 25 fiction books available at each block information office; benefit hop tonight at gym.

Page 6: Silk screen shop receives full-page writeup spread; Y's way; goat caretaker wanted by noted poet's wife; extend thanks to volunteers; relocation; church services.

Page 7: Ickes' statement on Nisei challenged; ineligibility to serve draft board noted; sports; 10,000 production mark of US Navy posters reached; claim music hour success; vital statistics.

Page 8: Nisei seamen to return to American ships; opposes alien land amendment; package awaits; high-paying seasonal and permanent work available; letter to the editor.

Ousted farmers.

Page 9: Lil' Neebo.

Pages 10-15: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #50: April 26, 1944

Page 1: Residents contribute $1847 to Red Cross; gives procedure to enter maritime employment; seasonal leaves issued only for approved WFA farm work; counselor confab; transferres from Jerome to arrive here June 15.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; editorial.

Page 3: Movies; Camp Shelby Nisei witness star-studded variety show; wait for movies at your block; Gila to receive 2500 Jeromites; programs for Saturday night concert on sale; seasonal leaves cont; lost; petition circulated to amend California alien land laws.

Page 4: Sands of Time; relocation; resolution deploring NJ farmer's action passed; 10 local members to attend music festival; Gibbons visits center; 8G elects new representative; church services; two unclaimed packages listed.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; memorial service; Omura discharged; plans to supply 2500 laborers; the real story 'behind the story.'

Page 6: Democracy downs prejudice; YP fellowship at 9H church; Amache school news; pamphlets on New York city, state received here; Ama-chan cartoon.

Page 7: 23 local students become national honor society members; sports; Laughlin of WRB visits project; starts adult English classes; Kampus Kanteen at gym; former missionary in China arrives here on her tour; letter to the editor; vital statistics.

Page 8: Co-op donates $53 to ARA; five evacuees driven from NJ farm secure new jobs; selected as main assembly speaker; editorial cont; Dies' member attacks WRA policy in letter.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

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