Granada Pioneer Vol.2 #51-55

Vol. 2 #51: April 29, 1944

Page 1: Residents give $1852 to Red Cross drive; methods to streamline WRA program discussed; center-wide inventory creates terrific ordeal; Washington ruling bans all private center enterprises; no apartment switching after May 15 ordered.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; editorial.

Page 3: Tule-bound center residents interviewed; huge crowd expected for tonight's concert; must register on 18th birthday; tickets for senior class play on sale; 'Go For Broke' scheduled for showing here; farm mess hall opens today; movies; concert pushes out talent show.

Soldiers in trouble.

Page 4: Rev. Suzuki to carry on ambassadorial work in Iowa; friend of Japanese Americans arrives here for third visit; relocation; service mothers to hold meeting; vital statistics; church news; church services.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; paper editorializes conditions in Japan; Junior-Senior prom slated for next Saturday; more ice cream in May, June; another adult class to start; speaks at high school assembly; Kawasaki leaves on business tour.

Page 6: To issue new three-cent stamp; survey shows Postonians against resettlement; favors measure to retain evacuees in centers; Red Cross fund cont; letters to the editor; private business cont.

Page 7: New hostel opens in Quaker city city to aid resettlers; seniors vote in favor of pageant; music teacher reported ill; pupils to present May day program; sports; urges evacuees to relocate in windy city.

Page 8: First group for approved WFA seasonal farm work reported; cultural history class to start; farm supervisor leaves for Reno; donate blood to save Oyama; lost and found; Ickes reports sentiments against evacuees easing; job opportunites; editorial cont.


Page 9: Lil' Neebo cartoon.

Pages 10-13: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #52: May 3, 1944

Page 1: No Pacific combat duty for Nisei soldiers; MP's flagpole undergoes its first repairs; issuance of gate passes to school-age boys halted; 1300 Jeromites express desire to transfer here; first unescorted Nisei group on way to Hawaiian homes; 'Go For Broke' starts tonight.

Page 2: Just Incidentally.

Tule Lake.

LaGuardia doesn't want them.

Page 3: Jr. high slates welcome program; senior class play; Tule Lake-bound residents given housing assignments; movies; movie of Mexican boy to be shown; WFA releases canned goods; combat duty cont; Amachi high musicians lauded by critics; 10,000 cars May quota; unescorted group cont.

Page 4: Sands of Time; Nisei in Pacific theater lauded by Marine lieutenant; Harris to discuss local Scout activities; Yahiro is acting Christian pastor; vital statistics; relocation; church services.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; shop receives $1500 worth of equipment; court will test state Japanese alien land law; Matsuda's concert thrills audience.

Page 6: Ickes lashes back at political bigwigs on Nisei problem; Japanese Americans in Italy reported 'deadly bunch'; cartoon.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: My Two Cents; Ickes statement cont; parents meeting Friday afternoon.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #53: May 6, 1944

Page 1: May 18 commencement exercises; Army inductees, pre-inductees must register; 8F CA office looted of $166 Wednesday morning; 7-point statement clarifies Nisei voting rights; Johnson, Turk to attend Denver conference.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; our Japanese Americans fight for democracy, too.

Page 3: Movies; discuss increase in clothing allowances; 30 center farm workers needed; Japanese-American problem bungled says Bricker; Uyemura steals the show in senior play; Scout heads visit here; talent parade here at 12K.

Page 4: My Two Cents; La Guardia wants to kick out this Nisei family; wedding; Times features Amache draftees; Nisei problem cont; relocation; class to be held at high school. Page 5: Nisei potpourri; sports; Prom Queen candidates; young lady, identify yourself.

Page 6: Y's way; April enrollment in adult English classes hits 265; WRA chief medical officer arrives; Walter night school director; two religious workers visit; Hawaiians want to correspond; Seicho-no-iye; church schedule; job opportunities; vital statistics.

Page 7: Master committee approves six-point plan; political cartoon.

Page 8: Local case work unit serves 617 families, persons; letters to the editor; voting rights cont; editorial cont;ten high school students pass Army-Navy test.

Page 9: To place more emphasis on Nisei resettlement; opening in nurse class for two Nisei girls; 100 witness May Day program; seniors graduate cont.

Page 10:Lil' Neebo.

Pages 11-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #54: May 10, 1944

Page 1: Wife of chief medical officer passes away; may issue administrative housing moving directives; 24 local draftees slated for third Army induction; first May call for pre-induction physicals lists 65.

Nisei girls helping Nazis.

Page 2: Just incidentally; This World Today.

Page 3: Negro voting right upheld; Nisei cases to be heard; Pioneer sets news deadline; movies; 8K to sponsor hop; 302 graduates at Ht. Mountain; job opportunities; free movies set at Terry hall; Kasai crowned queen at jr-sr prom; Kishi temporary farm supervisor.

Page 4: Amache school news; jobs for working and Army mothers offered; Hi-Y chapter receives charter; jr. high graduation Tuesday; vital statistics; visiting soldiers; church schedule.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; Smith gives instuctions for sending mail overseas; notice for cap, gown seniors; draftees under 26 will last until fall; baseball meeting; wanted; Koda to deliver sermon; Kenyon urges women to fight real enemy.

Page 6:Lindley to confer with Province; Amache's total population ending Mar. 31 hits 6464; 65 Amacheans called; monetary donation; inductees; Ama-chan cartoon.

Page 7: Methodists hope to end racial discrimination; slates softball managers confab; reveals marked improvement in relocation opportunities; joint meeting tomorrow night; 400 merit awards given at assembly; relocation; Costello objects to WRA plan.

Page 8: Good enough for sea duty but not enough for La Guardia; 80 segregees arrive at Tule from Minidoka; this world today cont; senior skip day at Arkansas R.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #55: May 13, 1944

Page 1: Required to show meal tickets starting Monday; draftees may enter service with friends before being called; issuance of work gate passes to be stringent; housing request sent to Jerome; clothing checks begin to arrive; to observe past WRA meat policy; three leave on Denver business trip; 21 men placed in reserve corps; eight Amacheans fail to report.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; post office to handle Army overseas mail planned.

The three women and the Nazis.

Page 3: New drama tonite at 7K talent show; Bussei Ball May 20; visiting soldiers; Rev. Yasaki to speak at baccalaureate service; movies; local homemaking club expects 100 confab delegates; 9E YPC to sponsor 'Isle of May' hop; 'Reminiscence' dance by 10H YPC; Amache draftees are inducted.

Page 4: Birthday party given for Miss Campbell; Carstarphen funeral rites in New York; 142 eighth graders to get diplomas; Brown to attend Cleveland confab; YBA Mother's day service slated; failed to report cont; Karatsu's sermon tomorrow night; church schedule; vital statistics.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; graduation exercises to feature pageant; senior high awards 650 student merit certificates; eighth grade students are welcoming program guests; visiting soldiers.

Page 6: Hershey rules blanket deferments, 30 and up; Pioneer sends out SOS; making of cheapter juvenile clothing ordered by WPB; Nisei to plead in draft case; no ration on beef predicted; Carlin to replace Crabill Monday; figures show 150 jobs open to residents; 50 seasonal workers arrive; Dumas to speak to 9K pupils; parents' meeting set.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Mayor dosen't want him, but he's 1-A with Army; WMC official seeks to reduce racial bias; membership pins given at dinner; decision for establishment of evacuee hostel expected; relocation; job opportunities; Hi-Y chapter members honored.

Page 9: Lil' Neebo cartoon.

Pages 10-13: In Japanese.

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