Granada Pioneer Vol.2 #66-70

Vol. 2 #66: June 24, 1944

Page 1: Nine cars of freight to be moved with aid of volunteers; carnival panels found missing; Lindley to address reception guests; farm employment priority given; inductees placed in reserve corps; newcomers urged to register for summer classes; property stored in L.A. temple to be removed; Jeromites may claim checks.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; doubles output for U.S. Navy; draft trial for 63 Nisei closes; Emmons shifted to unnamed post.

California yet again.

Page 3: To testify at 14 Amache boys draft trial; free dance at 'ball-bearing' room; movies; receives first indefinite honor; 'democracy in action' sited by Mrs. Macnair; Shelby sends news on latest Amache draftees; leave officer Fanslan returns; paper features Yoshino couple.

Page 4: GR club to hold initiation today; 'King of Kings' is slated for next week; service to honor Jerome Busseis; new activities conducted by ACC; relocation; visiting soldiers; vital statistics; Karatsu's sermon; church services.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; asked to advise residents of their legal rights; Harvester company will hire Nisei; McGovern and Ito leave for confab; enters Colorado state college; Jerome students may register now; Garrison's father dies in Denver.

Page 6: 6H YPC hop set; Miller, Lewis visit Amache; 530 new Amacheans arrive her ahead of schedule; new map to aid relocatees in Chicago area; co-op committee reorganized; welcome cont; registration for pre-school, kindergarten urged; 280 crates of lettuce harvested; thanks a million.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Struble added to welfare staff; Amache must go 'all out' to combat poliomyelitis; Sakai re-elected 10H councilman; it looked like 5000 transferees were inducted; wonders about dust storms.

Page 9: Lil' Neebo.

Vol. 2 #67: June 28, 1944

Page 1: Clothing checks O go Z arrive; Fourth of July declared work day for all employees; flag-raising rite to open carnival; production on farm increases; car on AWOL arrives safely; five hundred attend welcome party; Pitts assigned to new WRA post; evacuees on seasonal leave may not visit.

Page 2: Just Incidentally.

Good editorial.

Page 3: Hay cutting faces critical labor shortage; 'King of Kings' premieres tonight; 8,247 leave cases reviewed; movies; search continues for Gila woman; new motor pool garage to open.


Page 4: English class open to adults; plans underway to organize municipal band; paper features Nisei boy spelling contest winner; Tozier succeeds Baker; important YBA meeting tonight; evacuee police chief relocates; full freedom for Nisei requesed; church services.

VFW says kick them out.

Page 5: Nisei potpourri; Nisei Yanks honored at breakfast club; Chicago firm jobs still open; tractor drivers urgently needed; Newark relocation office lists excellent job offers.

Page 6: 'My battalion fights like hell' says private Higa; Pioneer sets new deadline; AYH delegates at training school; hospitality body extends thanks; relocation; seasonal leave cont; eleven GR club members return.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Johnnie presents; sports; Issei pamphlets in Japanese.

Two articles.

Vol. 2 #68: July 1, 1944

Page 1: Roll call to honor all Amache soldiers; Scout Troop 179 to go serenading; resettlement program moves at steady pace; big CA talent show set; local community analysts said to come thin and high; schools close Monday, Tuesday; farm section lists livestock for center use.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; former Nisei White Sox bat boy pays team visit; to open only mornings during carnival period; co-op lists found articles; wanted.

Page 3: Nebraskan hits Douglas on Japanese Americans; 50 men needed at farm immediately; resettlement cont; movies; Jack Ito goes to Washington.

Page 4: More Montana railroad section workers needed; 'King of Kings' to end tonight; Y's way; to vacation at Estes park; vital statistics; church services; Okuda joins faculty staff; Good leaves for Boulder home.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; language diffculty retards Amache cases; Pfc. Higa to give hints on what to send Nisei Yanks.

Page 6: School library re-opened last week to public; new analyst cont; 'Nisei speak' in edition of Common Ground; Edgar Rice Burroughs sites Japanese Americans in Hawaii.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Sports; extend thanks; relcoation expert Berman takes over Newark office; relocation; in Denver on business trip.

Page 9: Lil' Neebo.

Vol. 2 #69: July 5, 1944

Page 1: No physical examination recheck for selectees regardless of 90-day period; Spanish vice-counsel to visit; evacuees may relocate to outside of US; 3-day carnival extended; 'family head' change deadline; carnival financial report; to re-open eye clinic; buys $10,000 worth of bonds.

Page 2: Just incidentally; Rohwer to host 442nd infantry; lost, wanted.

Draft problems.

Page 3: 3-act comedy set; stored goods to arrive here; more than 1000 Nisei in U.S. Army; reaches only 79 percent of fifth war loan quota; movies; monument to honor Amache soldiers; 'I'll be seeing you.'

Page 4: Unique job offered for women with tots; relocation; Densonites urged to join Scouts; Keck added to faculty staff; 12F elects Kanda as representative; Yoshino tries for USO entertainment troupe; church services.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; special citation given 100th battalion; Sadao Nakao commits suicide at Jerome center; 63 Heart Mt. Nisei appeal draft sentences; set ventaliation system trial; alien Korean bill submitted; four teachers added to staff; visiting soldiers.

Page 6: Fidler 'plus' loyal Nisei over radio; to offer plenty of vegetables; radio editorial inspired in interest of fair play; Chicago paper comments on Nakada; silk screen head returns to work.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Lil' Neebo.

Vol. 2 #70: July 8, 1944

Page 1: WFA to provide return transporation to Army inductees on seasonal leave; Lindley releases new overtime instructions; carnival report hits $6556 mark; waste paper drive starts Monday; 181 Amacheans take indefinites during June; turn in all bills at 8F CA; farm outlook very favorable; water to be provided for gardens, trees.

Page 2: Just Incidentally; editorials.

Page 3: Register on 18th birthday; Knodel in Denver for 2-day confab; CA sponsors free hop at auditorium tonight; movies; dramatic class to present 'The Rivals'; 'swing and sway at 11K'; Yoshino concert slated here.

Page 4: Christian ministers plan work in Denver; church services; Issei stabbed in Tule Lake center; 150th meeting of seicho-no-iye; YBA election of officers slated; Johnson, Phillips speak at service.

Nisei attacked.

Page 5: Nisei Potpourri; identification pictures to be taken; currency to Crystal City camp clarified; visiting soldiers.

Nisei file suit.

Page 6: Sproul denies fair play group would coddle Nisei; chain store in New York wants Nisei; church parley condemns racial discrimination; Hirabayshi weds; relocation.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Sports; plant 1300 acres at Tule Lake; Gilmore adds further stimulus to relocation; overtime pay cont; farm outlook cont; Philadelphia says 'come soon and avoid the rush.'

Page 9: Lil' Neebo.

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