Granada Pioneer Vol.2 #81-85

Vol. 2 #81: Aug. 16, 1944

Page 1: Ten Amacheans report for Army pre-induction; inductees to dine at 8E; Nisei G.I.s seek OCS 'gold bars'; inspects motor pool equipment; urges cautious vehicle usage; missing soldier war prisoner; two day o-bon festival successfully concluded.

Sisters guilty of treason.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; education comes first; 100th infantry fights all over Italian front; war's end not before Sept. 15.

Page 3: Movies; on schedules; church to show movies; driver caution cont.

Japanese war prisoners try suicide.

Editorial on the trial.

Page 4: Set Christmas mail-month; vital statistics; brother died a hero's death; visiting soldiers; church schedule.

Page 5: Tokio, Ohio, satisfied; informality in Federal court; expressions of opinions; plus one new column that I can't make out the title.

Page 6: Sports.

Pages 7-9: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #82: Aug. 19, 1944

Page 1: Emergency visits only to Tule Lake; 38 Amache selectees report for induction; 1st battalion redesignated to 171st infantry; Pfc. Ichikawa a casualty; residents and farm output; petitions for membership.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; Pvt. Francis Iritani 'WAC of the week'; Mexican youth poses as Nisei for two years.

Motion for new trial in treason case.

Page 3: Movies; sets meeting; Keo Nakama wins three races; on inductees cont; may register overseas mail; demand return of evacuees in state camp; certificates given class.

Page 4: YBA holds impressive candlelight ceremony; new CYF president; student council delegates here; church services; visit Amache school system; visiting soldiers.

Page 5: Short seasonal work available; Fellowship deputation committee visits center; teacher resigns; school petition; Medina company offers group relocation jobs; relocation; vital statistics.

Page 6: Comic strip.

Pages 7-9: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #83: Aug. 23, 1944

Page 1: Completes 33 combat missions; 9 called for active duty; two Amache families have four G.I. Joes; dismissal not binding in other courts.

Sisters sentenced.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; editorial.

Page 3: Movies; outdoor talent show to feature new shibai; starts silo construction; co-op news; Johnson on annual leave; Spurs to hold G.I. Jive tonight; Washington welfare head visits center; distinguished Nisei visitor; 18-year-olds must register; piano recital.

Page 4: Local Nisei girls share cooperative housing; The Road Back; Center School News; Alpha Kappas elect officers; visiting soldiers; relocation; church schedule; vital statistics.

Page 5: Confindentially; new teachers' superintendent; habu-cha harvest on; former West Coast man gives advice to Nisei; restaurant management course.

Page 6: Prevent infantile paralysis-observe precautions wisely.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #84: Aug. 26, 1944

Page 1:General Bonesteel must answer writ; agricultural fair set here; Emmons new Alaska head; old position, new situation; Tule transfer halted until housing eases; Adams given promotion; first tomatoes.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; editorial; Dr. Takahashi, scholar of distinction; vital statistics. Page 3: Short Takes; movies; conference proposes bill of rights; Co-op news; meetings; farm obtains new ensilage harvester; along the social trail.

Page 4: Influence of Nisei soldiers making headway; local YBA to launch new membership drive soon; relocation; church services; wanted.

Page 5: To attend CYF rally; Elementary School Notes; High School Notes; Hamamoto to study NY apple growing; set campfire worship tonight; Pioneer person leaves.

Page 6: Sports.

Pages 7-9: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #85: Aug. 30, 1944

Page 1: Military exempts 2 Japanese Americans; lauds Nisei, Negro troops; given Bronze Star medals; evacuee goods to arrive soon; service for 120 Nisei dead held in Italy; picks first watermelons.

Sisters won't appeal.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; Nisei voted VFW member; to aid return of Japanese Americans; vital statistics; Hawaii sends thanks letter.

Page 3: American Tojos are fighting Axis foes; movies; Short Takes; JACL to back Yatabe tour; change name to 'we dood it'; visiting soldiers.


Page 4: Y's way; High School News; about 535 Nisei students given monetary aid; church services.

Page 5: Confidentially; calls race prejudice 'the queerest thing'; refugees thank FDR; Hawaii letter cont.

Page 6: Sports, relocation.

Page 7: Comic strip.

Pages 8-10: In Japanese.

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