Granada Pioneer Vol. 3 #11-15

Vol. 3 #11: Dec. 9, 1944

Page 1: Field promotion given Nisei; 30 local reservists to report for duty; Paris-asks for army of occupation; Sgt. Nakamura killed in action; slate party for Nisei GI's.


Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; letters to the editor.

Page 3: Information on overseas mail; bedbug control is a centerwide job; Mrs. Wells is improving; 'Winter Wonderland' bids on sale next week; short takes; movies.

Page 4: High school news; Girl Scouts' tea party; former Amachean speaks at Girl Reserve confab; educators meet at Rocky Ford; Des Moises pastor set as Christian speaker; Junior YBA folds bandages; church briefs; church schedule.

Page 5: Sports, relocation.

Page 6: Weekly GI-grams; global casualty summary; Army casualty total revealed; Army promotions cont; visiting soldiers.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #12: Dec. 13, 1944

Page 1: Asks for strong council; 4 Amacheans report for Army duty; Scouts slate paper drive; draft older men not in war work; nine blocks without candidates four council.

Hood River

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; ask clarification on coast Japanese return; Walter returns.

Hood River again.

Page 3: Slate blue star dance; accident near gate; send-off dinner party given local reservists; announces deadlines for special issues; Bussei dance bids on sale; will receive mochi-gome; strong council cont; invite evacuees to talk over resettlement.

Page 4: Elementary school news; short takes; Titus laments poor response to jobs; halt travel on short term; church schedule; blaze causes $43 damage; church briefs.

Page 5: Sports; visiting soldiers.

Page 6: Letters to the editor; co-op news; movies.

Page 7: Smoke rings; developing respect for property; high school news; high school news; motor pool, garage make improvements; relocation; vital statistics.

Pages 8-11: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #13: Dec. 18, 1944

Page 1: To hear cases of citizenship renouncing; 20 Hawaiian Nisei in west coast hospital; war work jobs in government agency; candlelight service; sea food for Issei palate; new assistant CAS supervisor.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; letters to the editor; Nisei family home again.

Page 3: Sponsor talent show to raise fund; Boy Scouts set social; Naval language school accepts instructors; halt Christmas fires; USO music hath charm; Seinans plan New Year hop; to present Christmas program; transferees arrive here; Tsuchiya gives trees.

Page 4: Weekly GI-grams; elementary school notes; high school notes; church briefs; church schedule.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Today's guest column; must notify 30 days ahead; naturalized Japanese citizen returns to LA; YPC names new cabinet; movies.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #14: Dec. 17, 1944

Page 1: West Coast exclusion order to be lifted.

Page 2: Above continued; WRA policies and procedures.

Pages 3, 4: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #15: Dec. 20, 1944

Page 1: Report two war casualties; to aid with details of coast ban lifting; must comply with WRA plan to get assistance; Poston Club Cosmopolitan; police office changes locale.

Page 2: Letters to the editor; Pioneer letter; church briefs.

Page 3: Children's free movies this Saturday; Warren asks Constitutional rights be protected; sports; Army team here; candies for local kiddies; to get assistance cont.

Pages 4, 5: In Japanese.

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