Granada Pioneer Vol. 3 #21-25

Vol. 3 #21: Jan. 13 1945

Page 1: OPA clarifies its stand on Nisei rights; JACL opens San Francisco office; receives big Navy order; speaks at Woodland; liquor license cancellation may be illegal; Pioneer understaffed.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; editorial; only few return.

Page 3: News from here and there; silk screen 'masterpieces' on exhibition; Pioneer cuts mailing list; delegation to evaluate Amache High; on licenses cont.

Page 4: Movies; reports on Lousiana given by delegates; new relocation officer named; USO visitor; co-op news; church briefs; evacuee land agent here; church services.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Evacuation property office; Recreationals party host; weekly G.I. grams; high school news; Kinoshita gets commendation; visiting soldiers.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #22: Jan. 17 1945

Page 1: Calls 5 local selectees for pre-induction; WRA will simplify finance procedures; cautions selectees on draft revisions; changes visiting regulations; memorial services set.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; editorial.

Page 3: To recruit more workers; draft revisions cont; tells resettlement plan; new bulletin on WRA grants; Muranaga awarded DSC; you ask, they answer; on visit rule cont.

Page 4: Movies; L.A. Buddhist temple Negroes fight eviction; school news; field corn sold; free movies for children; vital statistics; co-op news; church services; visiting soldiers.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Minidokan wins Silver Star for gallantry; advisory committee's open letter to residents; urges return to Calfornia; Army-Navy casualties.

Page 7: Letters to the editor; shipping information; questions and answers; 1945 calendars.

Page 8: Eviction fails; to attend meeting; sports; farmers want project land; tells plan cont.

Vol. 3 #23: Jan. 20 1945

Page 1: 3 Amache war casualties; advises making family relocation plan early; start work on his farm; crating committee; postage rate change made; inductees dine at 8E.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; editorial; good job for three bakers; relocation.

Page 3: Movies; on crating cont; Rev. Westfall to be commencement speaker; memorial services program for today; family plans cont.

Page 4: Sports; church briefs; church services.

Pages 5-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #24: Jan. 24 1945

Page 1: Two more casualties; on shipment; list 15 Amache Nisei for Army induction; future center visits need relocation value; prepare bill to close all centers by June 30.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri.

Page 3: New center supply officer; predict Nisei farmers face labor shortage; CA talent revue slated; center Queen contest; 10E beds now on sale; report all casualties; return to California; center visits cont.

Page 4: Co. F sends two wreaths; co-op news; movies; 17 attend stock show; Alpha Kappa; to extend well pipes; visiting soldiers; CYF elects new cabinet; church services.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6 :Questions and answers; students may get grants; Just Incidentally; sports; vital statistics.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #25: Jan. 27 1945

Page 1: List more local casualties; asks law officers to give protection; no Navy order; days set for goods pick-up; Army active duty calls 10; ask about availability; March of Dimes set.

Page 2: Nisei Potpourri; editorial; relocation.v

Page 3: Disposal of farm surplus is discussed; graduates are told life is like a race; 'Evening in Paris' tonite; report reception in San Francisco and Bay area is good; casualties cont; CA slates Dimes ball; buying rush unnecessary.

Page 4: Movies; information on social security benefits given; visiting soldiers; church briefs; insurance job ; church schedule.

Page 5: Sports.

Pages 6-9: In Japanese.

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