Initial Controls and Plans

There was definitely a lot of coverage in the press about the initial controls and plans for evacuation for persons of Japanese ancestry. The last time anything like that was done was when the U.S. government put Native Americans on reservations.

The Helena Independent, Dec. 11, 1941

Only four days after Pearl Harbor and already Japanese, German and Italian aliens are being held by the government. Notice that Attorney General Biddle says there had been "absolutely no evidence of fifth column activities, sabotage or espionage." This is interesting in light of what later articles claimed was widespread Japanese fifth column activity in Hawaii.

The Sheboygan Press, March 17, 1942

Fitchburg Sentinel, March 23, 1942

Reno Evening Gazette, March 24, 1942

Reno Evening Gazette, April 7, 1942

Notice in these articles references made to the fact that governors of various states did not want the internees put in their states. In the first article, the Governor of Nevade says he doesn't want them in his state. In the second article, the Governor of Idaho takes the same position.

Reno Evening Gazette, Aug. 6, 1942


Reno Evening Gazette, Oct. 28, 1942

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