Japanese Americans 1945 (You Tube)

The film talks about how these Japanese in Hawaii are Americans of Japanese descent.

'The Army honors their sacred dead'

'A wife who has lost her husband is presented with the Silver Star.'

A father receives the Distinguished Service Cross.'

Then it talks about how the Nisei produced one of the most remarkable combat records of the war.

It lists some of the battles that the 442nd were involved in.

They take German prisoners, some of whom are confused, thinking Germany has started to fight Japan for some reason.

The film says that some of the soldiers recovering from injuries pull an 'AWOL in reverse' and rejoin their units before they are officially discharged from medical care.

This guy was from Seattle and was evacuated due to Executive Order 9066. He joined up to prove his loyalty and to prove he has a right to live as an American citizen.

Then the narrator says that the men know that there are people in the U.S. that make no distinction between them and the 'Japs' the U. S. has fought in the Pacific.

'That's why these men volunteered.' He goes on to say they have been in continuous combat for eleven months.

'They wanted to prove to other Americans how wrong it is to judge a man by the pigment of his skin or the shape of his eyes.'

General Mark Clark gives the unit a citation.

'They are ready to fight for their country and their belief in democracy.'

He praises the soldiers lavishly, very proud of what they had accomplished.

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