As with any other place, Japan has a variety of types of hotels to stay at, varying in quality and price.

One hotel you might be careful about staying at is what is referred to as a "love hotel." This is a hotel with regular rooms and rooms modeled around various themes but its purpose is really to serve as a place where lovers can meet, enjoy each other for a couple hours, and then leave. The Japanese have a much more tolerant attitudes towards sex and even extra-marital sexual affairs than does the U.S.

Another type of hotel that is unusual is what is referred to as the capsule hotel. These consist of spaces that are basically slots in a wall. They are three feet by three feet by six feet and may be equipped with light, radio, TV, sheets and bedding and a curtain to cover the entrance. The hotel itself may also have a public bath, tv room, vending machines and lockers.

Then there are the regular business hotels which, of course, are larger and more expensive.

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