Company housing

One of the problems of living in Japan is finding and affording a place to live. Particularly within cities apartments and houses are terribly expensive; many people live out in the suburbs and have a long ride to and from work each day.

On the other hand one good thing is that some companies do whatever they can to help their workers (although the practice does seem to be declining). One of these things includes providing company housing or shataku. These are basically apartment buildings rented to company employees (who are only expected to stay there until their mid-forties or so). The rent is reasonable and the company may also provide annual bonuses of several months' salary, family allowances, seasonal resorts at reduced prices, subsidies for social clubs, etc.

There are also strictly bachelor dorms called which may be provided by the company.

This is the layout of a typical Japanese apartment for a family of three; mother, father and one child. Note that the toilet itself is separate from where the bathing area is. The genkan is where you enter, remove your shoes and then step into a pair of slippers before entering the apartment proper.

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