Japanese Relocation 1942 (You Tube)

This part was adding on to a government film.

Transferred 'several thousand'??? Try 110,000 or so.

The opening.

'Notices were posted.'

All persons of Japanese descent were required to register.

'Government agencies helped in a hundred ways.'

'Now the actual migration got underway.' Migration? What, were all these people of Japanese descent just a flock of birds who decided to move away? The movie seems to want to avoid the term 'evacuated' or 'forcibly relocated.'

Evacuees boarding a bus.

One of the evacuees.

He was at the Portland Assembly Center and comments on the barbed wire.

The above section was spliced in to the film, for in this scene we're back to black-and-white and the government narrator. Then the video ends rather abruptly.

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