Interview with Mrs. K (You Tube)

The woman talks about how she had lived on a farm and then her and her family were put on a 'horrible' train and keep the blinds down. They went to Granada. The trip took four days. They were allowed out only once during the entire trip.

She talks about how an explanation for the evacuation was that it was for the evacuees own protection.

She says her family was brought up to be very law-abiding. This is why they went along with what was being done to them instead of resisting. She says the JACL decided that they should be law-abiding and not resist. They got off the train and went the rest of the way to the camp on trucks.

She holds up a photo of the camp. She adds that it was a self-governing town.

Apparently she must also have been in the Merced Assembly Center since she talks a lot about that place, and how it was way worse than Granada.

She says the worst part of being in the camp was not having any freedom.

She then talks about the hard time they had coming back since Californians did not want the evacuees back. She says a lot of the houses were shot into.

She says fear and prejudice come from ignorance.

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