Mountain View, California

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Grandfather of 64 who came to the United States from Japan at the age of 19. He now lives with his daughter and son-in-law, Henry Mitarai, a prosperous farm operator, but will soon be evacuated to an assembly point and later transferred to a War Relocation Authority center for the duration.

Members of the Shibuya family are pictured at their home before evacuation. The father and the mother were born in Japan and came to this country in 1904. At that time the father had $60 in cash and a basket of clothes. He later built a prosperous business of raising select varieties of chrysanthemums which he shipped to eastern markets under his own trade name. Six children in the family were born in the United States. The four older children attended leading California Universities. Evacuees of Japanese ancestry will be housed in War Relocation Authority Centers for the duration.

Four sisters in the Mitarai family. Their father operated an industrialized farm in Santa Clara County, prior to evacuation. Farmers and other evacuees will be given opportunities to follow their callings at War Relocation Authority centers where they will spend the duration. 3/30/42

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