Nazty Nuisance

A 1943 film.

The movie opens with some guys rowing away from their sinking ship.

Hitler again.

Hitler is going somewhere to make a treaty that he doesn't want Mussolini or Sukiyaki to know about.

Sukiyaki shows up, of course.

And so does Mussolini.

The group from the sinking boat end up on an island (which, you just know is the same one Hitler is coming to.)

One of the guys from the ship finds a woman who is partnered with a guy who's a magician, but the guy is stone-cold drunk.

Hitler and the other two show up.

Mussolini tries to use martial arts on Sukiyaki, but gets thrown to the ground. Sukiyaki then says: “He are defensive. Japanese very offensive.”

The leader of the country/island/whatever insults Hitler and the others. He has a dinner, but the American who is posing as a magician put a whole can of pepper into the soup.

Mussolini says the soup is not spicy enough.

The Americans take over the U-boat.

Sukiyaki says “I think are big fake” after a magic trick (and the actor forgets his Japanese accent.) He says they can do the same magic, and Hitler says they can copy anything.

The country's leader wants the “magician” to change Sukiyaki into something else.

The box, of course, has a fake bottom. Sukiyaki fell through and got knocked out by the girl, and the orangutan climbed up into the box.

The American tries to convince Sukiyaki that he's going to help him.

The “magician” gets all three on the sub.

The guy tries to convince the three something has gone wrong with the sub.

Hitler calls Sukiyaki a “filthy non-Aryan.”

The other two get angry with Hitler when they find out the sub has nothing wrong with it at all. They end up getting into a fight.

The other Nazi gets lose and damages the sub's instruments, and it ends up beached.

The three aren't told about the beaching, though; they think the sub has sunk, so they get into the torpedo tubes and hope to be shot to the surface.

You can see Sukiyaki flying through the air.

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